Many countries and regions within countries are deficient in iodine, which is an important mineral for a number of processes in the body, especially thyroid function, and many of us need to increase our intake for optimal health.

I'm sure that most of us aren't particularly interested in reading all of the (now locked) Iodine thread, with its 4149 posts, many of which are filled with ad hominim and/or ad verecundiam (from authority) arguments. Plus many of us are still very interested in talking at each other about our own iodine related activities and beliefs.

Hence, yet another iodine thread.

Please remember that we're allowed to disagree with each other, but we're not allowed to be rude, be insulting, or indulge in purposeless inflammatory posts. It's in the forum rules.

Personally, I'm currently taking about 350mcg of iodine per day as part of a multivitamin, and a few days a week I'm adding in around another 3mg. I'm getting plenty of selenium too, so hopefully I'm not doing myself any damage with these doses (which are, by most standards, fairly safe). New Zealand has fairly poor levels of both iodine and selenium, and I really don't like seafood.

What are your thoughts?