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Thread: Need help..

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    Need help..

    Hello all. I got started on the paleo diet about a year ago, and reaped the benefits. I looked, and felt, the best I ever have. I would eat a lot of turkey burgers, fish, and chicken. I loved to cook, and still do.

    Lately I've really struggled. I've realized that fish is the only food that really makes me feel good, along with green vegetables. If I eat anything else, I seem to get very tired. I take a nap, wake up and begin to crave fruit, sugar, dairy and grains. I feel like crap, and look like crap. The thing is that I like fish, but I don't love it. I'm in need of some new recipes and am hoping you all can help.

    The main problem is that the list of foods I can eat is diminishing by the day, it seems. I've temporarily lost my creativity in the kitchen. Here are some of the foods I cannot eat:

    Bacon (any pork)

    If anyone can help me out with some recipes for fish, or lean meat, that would be great. Thank you.
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