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Thread: Filling up the kids at breakfast

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    Filling up the kids at breakfast

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    I've been primal for about 5 months now, and havn't made any moves to change my kids or my husbands diet - because I want them to do it on their own terms. They eat pretty well anyway, lots of fresh fruit and vege, and fairly low in processed foods, but lots of grains.

    Four mornings each week I am on my own with the kids at breakfast time, so time is short and I am usually rushed. I often whip up an omelette, with bacon and vege for myself. The kids will choose what they want but more and more they have started requesting eggs, bacon or an omelette like mine.

    So while I am fine with them choosing to eat a non-grain breakfast, it is a bit of a struggle to prepare another hot breakfast for two along with my own. I have been doing this, but I find that they still aren't full after eating the same as what I have had! I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old, and this morning they shared a 3 egg omelette with bacon and onions and cheese. Afterwards they still wanted toast to fill up on, which is fine but seriously annoying when I'm trying to make lunches, eat my own breakfast, get dinner in the crockpot, pack school bags, get everyone dressed, hair brushed, teeth cleaned, shoes and jackets on etc etc........

    So what should I be feeding my two that will fill them up so I won't have to do a second round of breakfast?

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    you should bake a frittata! everyone is happy!.., and served at the same time!
    put sausage, cheeses, whatever vegg you want, and it is as easy as having pizza for breakfast.
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    There are posts on making LC muffins, and the kids can help you with it The LC muffins are basically omelettes in a muffin pan, and you can use whatever. If the kids find they need carby foods to fill up, what about fruits? Bananas would be good and don't require any prep beyond peeling them (which they can do on their own). Frozen purple grapes are awesome and delish.

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    Awesome that your kids want your paleo breakfast Liz!

    One mindblowing discovery we have recently made here is banana muffins. Basically, mix 1 mashed banana and 1 egg up per person, cook at 180C for 12 minutes in a muffin tray. (we use a silicon muffin tray on a normal oven tray so they come out easily) Serve with yoghurt and whipped cream.
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    I'd make a jumbo omelet for everyone to share or a frittata or quiche. I'd also make potatoes and sweet potatoes ahead of time and reheat them in a frying pan or microwave. You can also make egg muffins in muffin tins, like mini quiches.
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    What I do is make a 4egg omelette, throw a bunch of grated cheese on there and bacon or some ground beef which I cooked the night before, and half a tub of greek yogurt with honey and berries. That'll fill 'em up and it doesn't take much time, about 10 minutes max
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    Something like this can easily be prepared ahead of time and servings warmed up in a pan in the morning. There are many other recipes in there, I just chose a recipe from a primal blog.

    Primal breakfast: Heart’s Delight Frittata | Primal Breakfast Club

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