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Thread: The journal of a monster -- 30 day challenge

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    The journal of a monster -- 30 day challenge

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    The folks over at Whole9 got a little miffed at me for my "almost whole 30" post because my 30 day paleo challenge allowed wine, diet cola and spirits IN MODERATION. That's the reason I failed my first attempt at a Whole30, it was just *too* strict for me. I feel like giving up all grains, sugars and dairy is a BIG feat for me. But the chicken sausage in Trader Joes has dextrose in it. WHY? I don't know. But my family loves them and it's mostly sausage and affordable. On a Whole30, it's not compliant. Same with the darn ORGANIC chicken broth. SUGAR! And a Hansens diet soda isn't GOOD for me no, but one every once in a while isn't going to undo the health benefits of a paleo/primal diet. I don't think so... anyhow.

    I feel like still doing a "30 day challenge" and I'd like to document here, hoping the primal group will be more forgiving. And really, I'm living a more primal lifestyle anyhow. I am incorporating a 4x weekly gym-free strength training routine using just me and and my backyard! I am also hiking, biking and walking on in between days as well as playing with my silly 2 year old toddler!

    Starting on Day 2.

    Coconut milk in coffee
    3 eggs fried in ghee, baby greens, tomatoes and garlic
    3 chicken sausages

    A bowl of shrimp and fennel sauté with green olives and tomatoes. Without the feta cheese on top... *sob*

    Pesto meatballs in organic mushroom pasta sauce on top of zucchini noodles I peeled up. So good! But I miss the grated parmesan. I'll live without for 30 days, right!?!?!

    Half and apple a few strawberries and three spoons of almond butter!

    3oz of vodka with sparkling water. It was good. I'm just not going to worry about it right now...

    WOD: Bicycling with the toddler! In 90 degree super humid weather. Ick. Hence why I wanted the above refreshing drink.
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    In my opinion, I don't think it is possible for one to be 100% primal until the day they die. I guess it IS possible... but if you have a family, a social life, or a job, then it is probably not realistic. So I think that what you are eating is much, much better than what most other people in today's society are eating.

    Many people chose to do a whole30 to see if what they've been eating has been causing whatever symptom they are experiencing. It usually takes a month or so to find out. If you have no immediate ailment/illness that you suspect wheat, sugar, etc. is causing, then I think a bit of chicken sausage is fine once in a while. Maybe you could even look into making your own chicken sausage? I tried it with pork, and it is actually very easy. It is cheaper, you don't have dextrose(therefore you could eat it every day), and you can control the taste.

    It seems like you were pretty creative with Lunch and Dinner! Do you follow recipes or do you cook on your own?

    Pretty good meals it seems like to me!

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    Give me your recipe on that sausage! I tried mixing some spices in ground pork, and sadly, it wasn't the same! I missed the crunch of casing. I don't eat TJs chicken sausage every day but to make a point, it surely is hard to be so crazy strict. One day-- I'll be able to do it. But for now, I can still enjoy some success without the severe depravation! Like I said, primal is definitely my cup of tea.

    Here is that AWESOME Shrimp and Fennel recipe:
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    Day 3
    Feeling like garbage today. Super sore from my workout on MONDAY. The weather is hot and humid in the valley today and I want to sit around and do nothing. Oh but I can't because I have a two year old! Ha! And I am doing a workout today, sore or not. This is how it's gonna be for 30 days. So I best get used to it.

    About a cup of sweet potato and zucchini hash with chicken breakfast sausage, made with lots of olive oil and coconut oil.
    2 eggs made with ghee
    Tejava iced tea

    Banana, strawberry and coconut milk smoothie
    2 pieces of chicken tenders with remaining sweet potato/zucchini hash

    Left over pesto meatballs in organic mushroom pasta sauce on top of zucchini noodles.
    1.5 hard boiled egg with ghee.

    Some strawberries, half a pink lady apple and a spoon of almond butter.

    WOD: I think I did core exercises. Why didn't I post this?
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    Day 4

    Didn't get enough sleep since the toddler decided she wasn't in need of a nap. Oh yay. Did a cardio workout (sprints and bear crawls) that felt great however-- and this made me feel less tired. On to the food!

    1 cup coffee with coconut milk
    1.5 chicken sausages
    2 scrambled eggs (that the toddler wouldn't eat ugh!)

    It was a sad mishmash today because I needed to go shopping. I admittedly had way too much fruit but it's summer and I don't care! The CSA box came in! AMAZING this week!

    Handful of cherries and grapes.
    An organic fruit leather from Trader Joe's (100% fruit, and I almost ate the jelly beans instead!).
    Homemade paleo mayo (omgz!) with canned salmon, celery, green onions.
    Green leaf lettuce.

    Dood. I'm a total gourmet chef. Hahaha kidding, but seriously. I made up this thai-asian style ground turkey lettuce wrap dish. OMGZ. So good. I can't even tell you what I did, because I don't know, I just went nutso with the spice and almond butter/coconut milk. The spice IS life after all... I ate entirely too much.

    Bowl of thai-style ground turkey with this sorta sauce:
    Everyday Paleo Thai “No Peanut” Sauce | Everyday Paleo
    More green leaf lettuce
    Broccoli with ghee

    Cherry Larabar. Oh ooops. I did it again. 3oz of vodka and sparkling water. Don't judge me.

    WOD: Did a cardio workout (sprints and bear crawls)
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    Day 5
    Going good so far. Feeling lighter and wonder if the tiny amount of dairy and sugar I was consuming before my challenge really would make such a large difference. Or maybe it's that I *worked out* every day this week. I bet it's the latter.

    In N Out Burger-- primal style. 2 hamburgers, grilled onions, mustard instead of that horrid spread and wrapped in lettuce. A few slices of delicious organic cantaloupe
    Coffee with coconut milk

    *shakes fists at hubster*
    THE ONE TIME he decided to get fries was when I specifically asked him not to. Makes me think he does this on purpose, the mofo! I had a few. And a bite of the hamburger my daughter NEVER eats. Why do we bother?

    Starving 2 hours later!

    Small cup of super delish salmon salad I made with homemade mayo. Overtop green leaf lettuce, carrots and mini heiloom tomatoes. Drizzle of olive oil.
    A few spoonfuls of egg salad I made after I wasted the salmon salad. Hate to say, the salmon was better.

    Going to try and lay off the fruit because I *might* have me some wine. I lay off the fruit to keep the sugar down because my brain thinks that will make a difference. Only if I get a good workout in. We will see.
    EDIT: Yeah, I had a few glasses of wine. Ooops. Don't judge me!

    1 cup left over thai-style ground turkey (it was even BETTER tonight!)
    Side of broccoli, carrots, green beans and ghee. YUM!!!
    1 jalepeno sausage from Trader Joes.

    Snack: A few strawberries. No, I didn't have the jelly beans and dark chocolate hubster and daughter had after dinner. Talk about willpower! Oh and half a banana and a spoon of almond butter.

    I have beets. I have NO IDEA what to do with them! Any suggestions? (in case anyone is reading this...)

    WOD: I did chest workouts today and officially suck at pushups, no matter what kind. And I do the modified ones. Ugh! I'll get better, just gotta keep at it. My neck is sore from bear crawls yesterday and that's sad. I did some good fat-blast cardio at the end that better do JUST THAT.
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    Day 6
    Too many glasses of wine last night. Whoops! Well, it's usually followed with dark chocolate and random snacking and I made a very CONSCIOUS effort to not graze. Feeling like garbage of course, total. Going to chill on the food and try and resist joining my husband and daughter while they go get ice cream. ARG!

    Sweet potato hash with zucchini shreds, mushrooms, onions and panchetta. Made with tons of ghee, coconut oil and olive oil
    About 2 scrambled eggs
    1/3 a cup of coffee with ghee and coconut milk in it-- it wasn't good. It was kind of greasy. Wont be attempting that again...
    Few pieces of that delish cantaloupe and pluot-- so yummy!

    Egg salad and greens

    Chicken breast on salad greens at Mimi's Cafe. The balsamic vinaigrette was not oil based, it looked like it had dairy ugh! So yeah, some cheating happened tonight. A bite or two of my kiddos' uneaten hamburger with bun. Darn her!

    Snack: Strawberries with bananas, fruit leather from Trader Joes. With NO sugar added. Oh dear. Wine and more wine... again. Whoops. Oh and some chocolate toffee pieces. DAMN!

    WOD: I didn't do much other then walk almost 2 miles to go eat dinner with the fam. Does that count as a workout? I think so...
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    Day 7
    Yikes. Almost feel like I should start over *sigh*. Last night was BAD. I ate a handful of some toffee chocolate garbage. A salad with dressing that I KNOW was not primal/paleo in the slightest. 3-4 glasses of wine. Alas-- I have a headache today. Again. I'm not starting over. Damn it!

    Small cup sweet potato hash with power greens and jalepeno sausage sautéed in for more bulk
    2 eggs scrambled in ghee

    Egg salad over lettuce, a pickle and some tomatoes

    Large cup of shrimp with carrots, bell peppers, garlic. Mashed sweet potato with coconut milk, oil and ghee. Yum! I really need to do something with those beets but there is just NO WAY I am turning on my oven to roast anything. So hot today!

    Large organic nectarine from CSA. So delish. Handful of pistachios, strawberries. Small spoon of almond butter. A few sips of Jamesons' on the rocks because I had a raging headache. It went away fast!

    WOD: I should really take today off. But I'll be cleaning the entire house and I took a walk around the block with the fam after dinner. So while it's not a workout per say, I am keeping active!
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    Day 8
    Feeling great today as my weigh-in showed a 2.8lb loss. I attribute the high number last week from the beer and pizza I ate. But hey-- I'm proud of myself!

    Cup of Primal Hot Cereal from the book (so good!) with ghee, a few blueberries and a few slices of apples
    Coffee with coconut milk

    Salmon salad with the remaining mayo I made this last weekend. Ooooh was it GOOD. Some power greens too, carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes.
    Left over shrimp from last night and sweet potato mash
    2 eggs hardboiled with ghee

    Ugh! I ended up getting takeout. And having some Chardonnay to go with it. Hopefully, the chinese curry and broccoli beef won't be too soy laden. I'm going to go easy on it but, it reached 101 today so I've literally not been outside all day and feeling crazy...

    1.5 cup or so broccoli beef (the beef tasted funny, it was probably dredged in gluten, knowing my luck eww)
    1.5 cup or so of curry chicken (the most BORING curry I've ever tasted)

    This is why I like to cook my own food. Others just don't do it right.

    Snack: Coconut milk smoothy with frozen blueberries. YUM!

    WOD: Core/back today, it was hard! Walked around the block with the fam after the heavy dinner.
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    Day 9

    Oui. Not a good day today--- the toddler is trying the patience that I already severely lack. I'm not being funny either! Looking forward to a work out but staying in doors because of the heat. I didn't do well food-wise so far either. Craving carbs and junk like crazy but my monthly visitor is almost here... yay.

    3 egg scramble with power greens, garlic, red bell pep, mushrooms with green salsa on top. Delish!
    Coffee with light coconut milk. Not bad. I think the guar gum was making me feel sick anyhow and the light stuff in a can from Trader Joes doesn't have it. It's just watered down.

    What a bunch of bad choices. First, I was good, I chose a scrumptious yellow peach. Then ooOoOOo some terra chips on sale 99cents a bag! HEY THEY ARE VEGGIES RIGHT? I tell myself. I put back cookies my daughter insisted on. I had a sip of the Yukult she goes insane for (can you say, SUGAR?). Then she MAKES me open a chocolate chip larabar. Eats almost all of it. I had a bite of that too. Then-- I was so mad... she spit it out all over the couch!!! Ugh.

    Peach, 1-2 servings of terra vegetale chips, bite of chocolate larabar, sip of Yukult
    1 link Jalapeño sausage from Trader Joe's
    Cauliflower and carrots, steamed with butter (need to make more ghee!)

    2 small slices of Asparagus, ham and shallot fritatta
    Power greens salad with tomato and balsamic vinaigrette
    2 glasses of Chardonnay.
    2 glasses of this.
    Who needs dark chocolate? I love it.

    WOD: Walked around the block. Like twice. In crappy flip-flops. If I could walk barefoot you knows I would!
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