I have been primal for above a month, i have gone down to 16.3% body fat / 126 pounds over all weight.. Plan to keep it this way and gain lean muscle. I just moved to MN 3 weeks ago. First starting primal I would hike every other day depending on recovery about 4-5 miles in the rocky monte. 70+ push ups with ball , play ground cardiovascular exercises , ocasional abs. I walk in a fasted state about a mile or 2 everyday or when i can. But last tuesday I decided add weight lifting. I did the 45lbs of the bar 3x until mind exhausted, and 3x front squat until mind exhaustion. I planned add real weight this tuesday but unfortunetly i had to work the fields yesterday and today, walking a about 4 miles through thick bean plants and moist soil cutting huge weeds. I have been taking nothing but cold showers to help with recovery for about a week now, really working like a charm. I feel tired and sore now from the 2 days of work, and Monday i had gone for sprints and grok leaps. What next , I feel stuck ?