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Thread: For washing face, is no soap better than all-natural soap?

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    For washing face, is no soap better than all-natural soap?

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    I have this soap that looks pretty great, its ingredients are:
    mango seed butter, shea butter, coconut and/or palm oil, cocoa seed, vitamin e, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), honey, cornmeal, vegetable glycerin, mineral pigment or vegetable color, essential oil blend.

    Does glycerin strip the skin of its natural oils? And how does this soap look? Better than regular soaps, of course, but is this soap better for face than just plain water?


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    Sounds pretty good compared to a lot of stuff to me. Whether plain water would be better is an interesting question. I don't know, and don't know if anyone's got any hard evidence on that -- I doubt it. I can't see it would do a lot of harm, but maybe not every day?

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    Well me and the mrs only use water unless there is actuall muck to wash off and both of our faces are clear and clean. So in out experiance water works fine
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    what works for me may not work for you, but usually i just use water and a washcloth unless I have something in particular on my face.

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    That soap sounds fine. Coconut oil not only rocks on the plate or bowl, but it's great for face, body & hair. I have Shea butter in my bathroom too. Got to keep my cranial solar collector happy...
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    I haven't washed my face in over 30 years other than if I get dirt or oil on it. In that case I try crubbing it off with a wet face cloth and if all else fails I will use a little soap. In the shower, I shampoo and do pits and privates with a little soap or shampoo. The rest just gets rinsed under the shower (no facecloth). Then towel dry. No problems to date at age 56.

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    The hardness of your water is a factor to consider. Give your skin a few weeks to adjust an dtry it, but make sure exfoliate (gently rubbing with a wash cloth or loofa should be enough). I bet Groks would have used safe leaves, softened bark, or stones to clean up, if they bothered.
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    I just use a tiny bit of a gentle facial wash with water to clean my face once a day, and my skin is very clear. Soaps can be quite harsh on facial skin and tend to dehydrate it.
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    I use water to rinse off the makeup for the day (mineral powder) -- and that's if I remember or am not feeling lazy. I'll "deep clean" every once in a while with a mixture of olive and castor oil, with a warm washcloth. I moisturize with just olive oil.

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    I've heard to not use any soap on your face. So I usually don't. I've just started using Kiss My Face olive oil soap. It smells terrible but it's the first bar soap that actually feels good on my super dry skin. Even though our water is really super hard.
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