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    THanks Romech, those sound like some good tips... will pass them on. Sounds like your brother is on a roll - glad for him. It is a tough lifestyle so for him to get healthier in the midst of it is pretty cool!
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    Arbonne has helped my husband stay healthier on the road! (and my business :-) )

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    I know that potatoes are evil and all that....but a nuked/boiled potato that have been carefully chilled paired with canned smoked clams....mmmmmm. It is a hands-on meal, but it's filling and emotionally satisfying.
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    One of the things I do to stay awake on long drives is switch the radio from music to talk. Audiobooks are great at keeping the brain active, or as a last resort, I'll tune the radio to a political talk station that I largely disagree with and be to pissed off to fall asleep.

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    I drove a truck for years. i liked beef jerky, pork rinds, almonds. eggs, with bacon made in cupcake tins. I was a coffee drinker, best thing is just sleep properly still works best. chocolate will give you some caffeine. strong tea has more caffeine also.

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    I think eggs are the best snack. Very nutritious and they make you full.

    Only problem is they are a bit of a pain cause it's not a pack of nuts. Worth the extra weirdness eating eggs in the truck lol.
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    Tinned Fish and Tinned Chicken/Turkey in either olive oil or water - but make sure no other ingredients are added.
    No Sugar Jerky, fish, meat, poultry.
    Easy Open cans of olive or veggies.
    Hard boiled eggs.
    Deli Turkey or Chicken slices - your friend could maybe keep a mini cooler in the truck?
    Protein Powders - grass fed/finished if whey

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    I agree with “Theresa” that fruits and cut up vegetables are best. Besides this egg, chocolates and chicken (canned fish and beef jerky) are good for a long drive.

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