I woke up this morning RAVENOUS (morning hunger is unusual for me anyway) and really really tired. First time I've woken up feeling this way. What's odd is I ate a little later than normal last night an had a slightly larger dinner than I'd been eating (maybe that messed me up?) but went to bed at the same time and slept like a rock. Woke up, had a couple glasses of water, noticed how hungry I was but I don't have anything prepped to just grab and eat (yikes! first time that's happened since starting, I chastised myself before bed for that, too) strolled with the dog. Getting ready for work now and so hungry and feeling really run down. I am hoping I am not catching that summer cold. Going to make a quick scramble and roll in a few minute late, hopefully that will pick me back up. Is this normal at all?

(sorry if this is not the right place for this - still figuring forums out)