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Thread: PB JOURNAL ~ Winterzodiac ~ Carpe Diem!

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    Monday B, L, was primal then passed by a frozen yogurt store with moderate carb frozen yogurt bars. I decided to get one when I passed the store again an hour later, but they were only sold in 12 packs, which I didn't get. So, I guess I had it in my mind to cheat and passed by a bakery with a $1 cappuccino promo if you bought a pastry. It started as an OK cheat, full fat cappuccino w/ a mini sugar free dark chocolate brownie, but then when I was leaving/paying I decided to pick up a few more treats to go. OK, so I ate that crap but had a healthy dinner, back on track. Then after dinner I went to the convenience store and bought 2 more brownies (this time packaged/processed crap) a small pack of oreos, and small chocolate bar. Then late Monday night, I threw out my back and it hurt very badly. I will be in bed for a few days. I sent my father to the store to pick up some fruits since I won't be able to cook much for the next few days, as walking around hurts. So I will be eating mostly fruits the next few days.
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