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    I have mild scoliosis and Ive been advised to get a pair or custom orthotics. Recently, Ive been having joint pain while sprinting.

    I know the primal position on barefoot walking/running; I own a pair of VFF and often walk and sprint in them.

    My question is, if there is a truly a body imlalance (hip imbalance/difference in limb length), would orthotics help? If I have to get them, I would put them into my vibrams or other unpadded footwear.

    Just hoping for some advice from fellow primals before I drop 400 bucks on these things..


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    i'm not hard core primal on the footwear take it for what its worth, but I don't think I could do what I do in my running without my orthotics. I was getting hurt all the time without them.

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    Why not experiment with orthotic inserts which here are about 25 pounds? I found they did help my sore knee. While barefoot is good, because most of us have spent our lives wearing shoes and walking on concrete we may need a bit of extra help.

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