i wear the nike free 3.0s which are considered minimalist shoes from ever source i have checked out. i walk toe to heel with them when i wear them.

i do a decent amount of walking in them (focusing on toe-heel form) so i should have built up my muscles enough to withstand a day at work, i would think.

i stand for probably 60-70% of the day with some walking. that said, sometimes i have to stand up to 3 hours without any walking.

i should also note that i am standing on concrete floors.

also i will not get barefoot shoes such as vibrams. they are too ridiculous for me (no offense) and i feel like you can get almost all the same benefits with minimalist shoes.

but it seems like my feet always hurt at the end of the day, mostly in the middles and back of my foot. most likely the start of some plantar fasciitis since i have had it before and know what it feels like.

any help would be greatly appreciated.