Staying motivated to live the PB when everyone around you lives otherwise?

My husband is very athletic and health conscious, but holds a different philosophy. My friends are at varying levels of health, and my extended family already considers me a bit whacky (I've been an alternative medicine chick in a traditional medicine family for years now). My friends at the gym all want to be healthy, too, but we all do it differently. They also tend to be a lot younger than me (I'm 47), so they still seem to tolerate the SAD way of living without obvious ramifications.

Today I am excited and happy and anticipating better things to come. I wish I had someone local to share with, and I know at some level the Internet community just can't replace face to face sharing. I went through this with my son's Autism interventions (I'm into biomedical treatments and not meds), and to have yet another interest isolated from others just doesn't sound fun.

I suppose I just eat what I want, exercise how I want, and enjoy my friends and family, no? At some point it will be simply how I live and not something I need or want to talk about?