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Thread: How do you stay motivated when you are the only one...

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    Noodletoy, don't you ever relish being 'on the margin of weird'? I've learned to love my black sheep status in the family; the one who is seen to buck the system or go against the grain in some areas. Bone broth? I've got to try it. I've heard about it for years due to my son on the Autism spectrum, but haven't done it yet. He's not a broth kinda guy.

    I'm looking to start a group that can share in the Primal experience. I'd have to do all of the cooking with my current set of close friends, since they'd be making me pasta, fresh bread, dairy based (delicious) food! We do a lot of group effort entertaining right now.

    40 is also when my body rebelled. From teenage acne to a constant 'fight or flight' state of being, I was a mess!

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    A monthly dinner group? That sounds like it would actually work. Just put an ad in the weekly or on meet-up and say you are looking for other paleo/primal eaters to form a monthly dinner group. Since paleo/primal would be the main thing in common among all you otherwise strangers, it would be the one thing you'd all discuss and I'm sure it would end up being a wonderful experience. Kind of like how I do the Sierra Club hikes. They are open to the public. Hiking is what we have in common so all these strangers get together and hike and have fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PHaselow View Post
    Noodletoy, don't you ever relish being 'on the margin of weird'?
    am mostly past the point of caring what "other" people think, lol. the garbage i see co-workers stuffing into their pie-holes just makes me not talk about what's in my lunch-bag, lol. am just trying to be healthy and happy.
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