So, I think I'm getting my exercise all wrong. First I'd like to say I LOVE to exercise. I have no problem motivating myself to get out there and do it. Even with four kids and way too many animals. I'm a SAHM and my husband works a lot but I still get it done. Fitness is a priority for our family. So, I'm asking for help to tweak my exercise routine because I've gained ten pounds since going primal 4 months ago. (And yes, I just started counting calories so lets just not go there).

My current routine (which has been pretty similar for a few years):

5-7 days a week I walk my dogs for 45 minutes to an hour. I live in a very hilly area but I hike on trails by the lake near our house. I don't power walk but I don't stop to smell the daisies either. I usually walk in the morning before the kids get up, before I eat.

2 times a week I do what is called "boot camp" at my local gym for one hour each. We do a lot of high intensity, interval training with a lot of body weight and high rep/low weight stuff mixed in. Most days I feel like puking after these intense sessions so they are pretty tough.

2-3 times a week I ride road bike for one to two hours. I'm going pretty hard because I'm trying to keep up with my husband who races.

I have four young children so I play A LOT. At the park, at the beach, in our yard. I'm very active with them.

The thing is, I actually really like exercising and I rather enjoy the feeling of having completely pushed myself after a boot camp session, or the leg burning feeling after a 40 mile bike ride.

I'm willing to give up boot camp to lift heavy twice a week. Would that help?

As I said, I feel great and I enjoy my routine just trying to figure out why I'm gaining weight and trying to figure out if I'm pushing too much cortisol or working out in too high of a zone.

Any questions or input or ideas for me?