I think I found my workout I wanted to post this here since it's because of MDA and sites like it that I even found out about this type of exercise, let alone went out there and tried it!

I found a group on meetup that does this in a park near me so I went yesterday. It was three buff young(er) guys and then me, 42 year old, overweight chick They were all really cool about showing the newbie the ropes and explained that it's not about what others can do, just do what you can and have fun. Fun was a big part of it

I ran up a hill in my minimalist shoes (ok, $5 beach shoes but they work!), threw heavy rocks (my favorite part), crawled on the ground, crawled on a makeshift balance beam, climbed the playground equipment, hung onto a rope, etc etc. I had to walk a lot (instead of run) and I couldn't hang on to the rope after the first try and I probably sounded like I was having an asthma attack trying to catch my breath, but no one had a problem with it, everyone was cool and I was smiling most of the time.

I had an absolute blast. It was so much fun, more fun than any exercise I've ever done, hands down. Of course I've been sore ever since, lol! I had so much fun I might have overdone it a bit (but it was also the first day and I was using muscles I don't often use).

They meet twice a week so I have until Wednesday to recover and hit the park again