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Thread: Whole30 for August 2012

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    Whole30 for August 2012

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    I saw a couple of others mention it and I still haven't seen a thread yet. Who's with me? I've been stalled a while and time to go hardcore and push through the plateau!

    Here's the link to the latest version of the Whole30 info!

    A couple of great pdfs to help out (thanks Minky!)

    It Starts With Food - Shopping List

    It Starts With Food - Meal Planning
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    I'm in! I'm finishing off some cheese today and tomorrow with my lunch and there's no other dairy in the house. I just realized that potatoes are not really acceptable and am on the fence about including them. On the one hand, I'm fairly certain I don't have any issues with them. On the other, this would be an opportunity to see if maybe I do. Making sweet potatoes AND regular potatoes for when Boyfriend and I eat them with dinner is a pain (he doesn't like sweet foods except as dessert).
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    Let me just finish off all the dairy I have first... and then I'm in too!
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    I'm in but not until 8/6 - that's when the next challenge over at NerdFitness starts, and I am doing Whole30 as part of that challenge. Also gives me a chance to finish my heavy cream (husband and kids both eat cheese and drink milk, so that stays). I don't think I'm going to cut sweet potatoes out altogether, but they will definitely be relegated to an occasional indulgence vs. a weekly thing. I also need to clarify the tub of butter I bought at the farmers' market this weekend. Other than that, and being vigilant about hidden sugars, I think I'm ready!

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    Yeah I have a small amount of dairy and some butter to clarify but August starts Wednesday

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    I'm in! I am actually on Day9 today of a Whole30, but I plan on just continuing right into August. This is actually the longest I've ever gone before. I have tried a few of them, but always ended up eating some dairy or some grains before Day9. But I am feeling super good right now and ready to continue for August!

    Only problem is I am going to Afghanistan for a week, but I plan on bringing a lot of my own stuff (ordered some smoked oysters in olive oil, bringing nuts, coconut chips, making some fig/nut balls, beef jerky) so hopefully I can make it work. I am sure there may be some added stuff in some of the food, but I think I can eat as clean as possible. Which will be surprising and awesome. I will actually be more proud of that week than the other ones, I bet!

    Looking forward to checking in!
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    White potatoes are off limits because, in the book that accompanies the Whole30, they explain that there is no real medical reason for ditching them, just that Americans have an unhealthy relationship with them and often not cutting them causes people to go back to old SAD favorites like french fries instead of sticking to the Whole30. Same reason artificial sweeteners are out (aside from their chemical nature) - b/c they trigger cravings in people.

    Sweet potatoes are MORE than allowed.

    I am doing my 3rd this time around. My SIL wanted to tackle one, so I said I'd do it with her. This time I am cutting fruit too. I found that it is acting as a "substitute" for sugary foods when I get cravings, so ditching the fruit this month to finally starve the sugar dragon.

    I started today. Best of luck to everyone!
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    Great to find this thread. Thanks for starting us off Chuck. I am also kicking off my Whole30 August tomorrow & would love to join others here in sharing the experience & supporting eachother along the way.

    This is my 2nd Whole30 (the first in January 2012 helped me finally start losing weight after years of trying with CW).
    So far I am 9kgs down, with at least another 8kgs to go to hit healthy BMI. Have also lost 7 inches from my waist.. but still have about 4 inches to go to reach the healthy waist range (in Australia it's about 5 inches less than the US, where my waist would now be considered healthy range).

    Nobody I know in real life (where I live in Sydney, Australia) seems open to paleo.. and they all think the whole30 is crazy, extreme, fad etc... so I end up eating this way in secret! It is hard as I would like to share with those in my life. Hopefully if I get some amazing results, it will inspire others in my life to pull their heads out from under the sand & start helping themselves.

    The vices which have snuck back in & need to be stopped:
    - occasional rice
    - frothy milky cafe lattes with sugar?!?
    - baking with almond meal...
    -sweetening with honey
    - non clarfied organic butter
    -wine & cider
    - cigarettes

    My motivations:
    - reach healthy BMI
    - reverse metabolic syndrome
    - reverse insulin resistance
    - heal leaky gut
    - Settle inflammation/ immune system- hives, psoriasis, muscle pain etc
    - restore fertility/ regulate hormones
    -restore energy levels

    What are everyone else's goals & potential challenges?

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    I'm in. I have been wanting to do the Whole30 for awhile and now seems as good as time as any. I did stock up on some raw milk to make kefir with this past weekend (finally found a supplier that wasn't 2 hours away) but my husband and the dogs should be able to make that disappear in no time. I think my biggest issue is going to be missing the cream in my coffee I lost 40 pounds between October and March going primal but can't seem to get that last 10 off, I am hoping this will do it.

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    I'm in. I've run into massive mood swings previously while doing Whole30 and wound up ditching it, but in retrospect, I think that if I would have stuck it out, the mood swings would have ended. I'm in a very good mindset and have been for more than three weeks; I've been very good about taking my vitamins and exercising. So I think I'm in a better place to go Whole30 this time around. I'm also doing this as part of the Primal Blueprint Challenge for August (begins 8/1) and the challenge at Nerd Fitness (begins 8/6). I started today. I'm a little nervous, because the mood swings were very, very bad. But as long as I go into this with open eyes, I should be alright.

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