So I thought to myself that I couldnt really become a dicipal of the school of Grok without posting up my own journal. I will try and refraim from too much 'dear diary' moments as I propel myself at caveman speed (I hopefully rightly assume that caveman speed [given the other carnivores who loved Grook for different reasons to our own] was pretty darn quick) towards my goals, which I feel compelled to add at this time are not enirely clear to myself.

Does remaining injury free after years of rugby count as a goal. If that is a yes, does not re injuring each individaul past injury also count as goals. If yes again, then I have LOADS of goals.

Anywhoo I am a former rugby player who retired due to a desire to be able to wake up more oftens than not without wondering if I would have normal funciton over my shoulders/lower back etc. Rugby was ruining my figure skating career (glitter only covers up so many bruises), and I decided that enough was enough.

I have lifted heavy weights for about 10 years now, and have built up respectable numbers (before having to reset them due to another injury on the pitch). Recently though I have moved towards more functional movements and recently completed a cycle of

Since doing that I am focusing more on bodyweight movements and found Marks LHT program.

I have not yet entirely decided whether I am going to do this alongside his WOW wod's (a WOW wod every second workout after the LHT workout), or alternate between a LHT workout and a WOW wod.

My goals are to maintain/ improve conditioning. I would love to complete a tri athalon. I cycle alot (hills, road, trails) and can swim, but the pounding of the run after a bike transition tightens my back up like no bodies business. I would also like to add about 10lbs more to my frame. Im 6'1 and about 200lbs at about 9% body fat.

So without further ado (how do you spell that). Here is day one of my grok log (Ill add diet to - I eat Paleo Dairy).


Supposed to cycle 10miles to work (and back) but slept in after terribly nights sleep.

Pressups 1 x 55, 1 x 38
Wide Grip Pullups 1 x 15, 1 x 15
Side to Side squats 1 x 35 (each leg), 1 x 35 (each leg).

Taught 3 classes back to back.