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Thread: Question about insulin response

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    So if I understand this correctly, the insulin released after eating grains/sugar is what leads to fat storage. So if (umm, hypothetically) I ate a lot of crap, how long should I wait before I go back to a proper primal style meal without having to worry about the previous lot of insulin?

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    Fat storage isn't a problem in and of itself. Part of why you are less hungry on a primal diet is that you are easily able to deposit and withdraw fatty acids from your adipose tissue. Insulin resistance, however, keeps the fuel from coming back out of your fat cells. Just get back to eating properly as soon as you can, since fat storage itself isn't the issue and a primal diet is going to ameliorate any insulin resistance you cause anyways. The fat you will inevitably store will come right back out the next time you're exercising intensely or go a while between meals.

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    Awesome, thanks. (hypothetically)

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