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Thread: I hate advertising

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    And I've ranted about it in my blog. I don't know if this is an inappropriate post here, so tell me if it is. I've started a blog recently, discussing my adventures with primal lifestyle and my progress thus far. Tonight I posted an epic rant about how my wife and I have dramatically minimized our advertising exposure, and I wanted to share:

    If this kind of thing shouldn't be posted here, I apologize. But Grok didn't watch commercials, and I don't think we should either.

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    I live a minimalist lifestyle (I have plenty of money [in savings] but I hardly buy or own anything) and often wonder if other primals do the same thing.

    Stuff never made me happy. It never will. Stuff controls people, not the other way around

    I do not own a TV (I watch movies on the computer, though). I do not own a car. I live in a VERY tiny apartment because I don't mind it and don't have very much stuff. Everything I own is meaningful to me. I use ad blocker on my computer and ignore advertising in general (especially the ones that tell you you are not a complete person until you buy your products.. HATE those!). I make all my own beauty products and I even make my own makeup. Lotion is addictive becasue it makes skin dry out faster (I swear!) and coconut oil works FAR better anyways.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Great post.

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    We're definitely not that minimal, although I admire your commitment to it. It's pretty amazing

    We're major geeks and we work in entertainment, so we're almost required to be aware of recent television shows, films, etc. We do enjoy them, so we keep the media consumption up, but we're much happier now that we've cut out the evil ads.

    Lotion makes your skin dry out faster, huh? Interesting. I'll have to run that by my wife. She can't live without hand lotion.

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    Coconut oil is da bomb as a skin moisturizer.

    I was out in the sun all day today with just CO, and DID NOT BURN. This is huge for me, as I loath everything about sunscreen....

    ETA: Oh, yeah. It's also an awesome massage oil :-D

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    Kuno, can I ask you more about using CO instead of sunscreen? Most particularly: is it greasy?

    I spend HOURS and HOURS in the desert sun all summer, working with horses...and it's dusty. If I use CO, will I turn into to coconutty mud slick?

    Back on topic: I agree about the advertising! No TV in my house, either, and almost nothing but NPR (no commercials) on the radio. I am SO TIRED of being told that stuff will make me happy. It won't.

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    On the rare occasion I watch TV these days, I find I have to mute it when the commercials come on. Commercials never used to bother me, but after going a long time with no TV, to me they've become this stream of non-stop frantic sound that really sets me on edge.

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    You lost me at no cable! LOL We have the "give us everything ya got" DirecTv subscription, but we DVR shows we like and zip through it sans commercials when we have time.

    I don't mind marketing. Some of it is actually entertaining. Just because someone is selling something doesn't mean I have to, or will be tempted, to buy. Granted, some ads are annoying or downright offensive...but such is life. There will always be things that I don't like. I consider them meditations *vbg*

    At the end of the day, we all kinda rely on marketing to some extent. Most of us work for companies who have products or services to sell. If no one buys, we have no jobs. If our CSA didn't advertise, I'd never have known about all our great local sources for food! So, I don't think all marketing or advertising is bad and I've personally never really found a need to try to avoid it.

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    Hmm, mentioned this on my journal last night.... I think adverts seem to be more and more patronising and right now they're driving me insane.

    At least in the UK our TV licence (130-ish a year) gives us the BBC and it's advert free programmes!

    But maybe I'm just cynical enough to see through things?

    Like, "shredded wheat" not only having the usual tenuous "healthy heart" blurb, but claiming to be the only cereal with just one ingredient. Um, what about porridge then?

    Cleaning products - always the mum slaving away incidentally.


    Air fresheners, cos we all need to inhale chemicals instead of, I dunno, opening a window?

    Baby foods/milk - that compare their powdered stuff with cow's milk, point out you'd need gallons of cow's milk to get enough iron, with the teeny print at the bottom of the screen saying "cow's milk is not a rich source of iron". All in the tone of voice that you'd use on the toddler, not the parent.

    *rant over*


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    Ironic that you work in video games and hate advertising, also funny that you didn't mention the marketing of video games.

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    It's not the lotion so much as the soaps and detergents that we use.

    I'm a soap maker, I used to be addicted to body butter/lotion, would panic if I didn't have some with me at all times. Once I started using my handmade soap, I noticed a huge change in my skin, and the frequency in which I use lotions (as in, almost never).

    Handmade soap can be substituted for shampoo, many of my male customers, when using it as a shampoo have noticed new growth and that their hair is growing in thicker (same for the women).

    I make liquid soap, and I also use it as a laundry soap.

    The cosmetics industry has us convinced that we need all these specialized creams and lotions for every body part.

    Hand lotion, body lotion, body butter, night cream....ALL the same stuff. Same goes for shampoo, hand wash, body wash.....ingredients are essentially the same.

    Body lotion/hand lotion etc, if its a commercialized product is mostly water. They go through the motions of adding butters, oils and glycerin, but for the most part they add them at such a small amount that they are not effective. And yes, they can be drying as they add alcohols and other chemicals. Not to mention the cheap fragrances they add are all alcohol based. They WANT you to have to go back to their products over and over again.

    I could rant on the subject for a while.

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