Been enjoying watching some of the Olympics, especially the weight lifting.
What has shocked me is not how fit the Olympiads are, but how overweight a lot of the middle aged trainers are with big massive stomachs. It was the same for the table tennis and other sports we have watched. Presumably the trainers in their youths were athletic themselves. I assumed for some reason they would all be slim even now.

Just goes to show how the modern diet is affecting even the athletic community as they age.
Just read Gary Taubes book Why WeGet Fat and he says in there about how in middle age it is more and more difficult to stay slim cos of elevated insulin / blood sugars and that you become more sedentary not cos you want to but cos you have less energy due to metabolic disturbances.

As a 46 year old woman I can relate to all this. Despite doing several high intensity gym sessions a week and eating relatively clean I struggle to maintain a healthy weight.