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Thread: Milk-free, egg-free breakfast ideas anyone? page 2

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    Prawn stir fry. Throw in whatever veggies you like. Quick easy and filling.

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    I have a nice gluten-free muesli recipe (nuts, seeds and dried fruit) which I have with coconut milk - it's from a Budding Books recipe book I have on my Kindle. Have to watch the portion size as it is quite high in calories but it's very tasty and a good option when you don't have much time. I've been meaning to try the primal hot cereal in Mark's quick and easy book too.

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    i would be careful eating fruit for breakfast! if you don't combine it with a good protein, your sugar will likely crash. many get a really upset tummy on fruit in the morning. also, since fruit is sugar, you could get some weight gain or fluff around the middle adding it to your diet!

    i do a lot of sweet potatoes hashbrowns with sausage. it fills me up really nicely, it is inexpensive, it is super nutritious, and sooo delicious! you can make big batches and reheat throughout the week.

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