I'm currently 30 pounds overweight. Believe I have the gut to show for it. I am eating Primal/Paleo with eating cheat meals 20% of the time. The house I live in was built in 1978 and does not have high ceilings. It's a weird house. Not the best house to workout in. I do have a pull up/dip station downstairs. But I can't do any muscle ups. I also tried the garage but even lower ceilings in there too.

It's very hard for me to pick Crossfit. I have read a lot of forums! It's all mixed reviews so far. Some people love it or hate it. Also read that it's good that it gets people in shape but at a cost of overtraining. Since I'm a student I will pay $85 a month for it. I already have all the equipment to do P90X and the space I do have is adequate but not ideal for it.

Since I'm such a newbie to fitness I can't create my own workout routine. I'm the type of guy that likes to have guidance in my workouts either with videos or in person from a personal trainer. I do have a Globo Gym by my house too. But I would not know where to start when I go inside.

My goals are to change my one pack into a six pack. Basically to look like a Spartan warrior and have the strength to show for it. I even did a google search on what type of body you can expect from doing Crossfit. Never heard the word "ripped" just the "sexiest". I know that's not they are aiming for but it will be a very nice side effect.

There are pros and cons to both. I had a short meeting with the owner of my local Crossfit. He recommended I come in four days a week if I decide to join. Which is better than P90X's six days a week schedule.

Just looking for suggestions. Thank you.