I love to exercise. Cardio. Not very Grokette, I know. But nothing makes me feel better or happier or calmer than a run, workout video, or exercise class at the gym. It's my go-to for heading off a panic attack, clearing my head, and putting a smile on my face.

Today, I hurt myself while running. Likely an injury to the plantar fascia on my right foot. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow to get it sorted and get on the road to recovery. It's an inconvenience, for sure.

It feels silly to admit, but I am despairing at not being able to work out like I usually do. I'm panicking about not having it as an escape and release and tool to deal with my anxiety.

Rather than dwell on all the feeeeeeelings I'm feeling (before a visit to the doctor, no less!) I thought I'd ask you:

What do you do to get the cardio high that's not cardio? And what exercises can I do that may produce a similar result?