Hey everyone! I am a pretty hardcore forum lurker, but I decided to start a public journal for several reasons. I learned about the Primal lifestyle 3 months ago, and ever since I have been trying to follow it. However, I have not met the goals that led me to switch over to this lifestyle. Instead of giving up on living Primally(because I truly do believe this lifestyle is best), I am deciding to start a journal so that I can properly log what I eat, my exercise, etc. I am 100% open to all feedback, so criticism is definitely welcome I am still learning what combination of food works for me, and it's safe to say that I could use some help from you guys.

I will officially start recording my food tomorrow. I will also try to remember to record my exercise and sleep habits. A little about me: I am a 19 year old female who is 5'1 and around 135/140 pounds. My weight always fluctuates, but currently I am in the 135/140 pounds range. Last time I checked, I had about 31% body fat. I measure my weight and body fat with a regular scale I bought at Target. It might not be accurate, but it is consistent and I'll be able to measure changes with it.

My goals

1) Reduce Body Fat- While 135/140 lbs might look good on other women my height, it truly does not look good on me. I do have much muscle which contributes to the weight, but I also have excess body fat. I try not to focus on numbers, but my ideal weight would be 125 pounds. I will be measuring my success more by how my clothes feel and how I look, rather than the number on the scale.

2) Improve Mental Health- I started to develop depression and abnormal anger as a teenager. This has led me into trouble countless times throughout my teenage years. I have been on and off countless medications. The current medication I am on is Zoloft and it is the only one that has helped so far. My emotions are much more manageable with it. I have been on Zoloft for about 3 years, but I would like to stop taking it because of the side effects(and plus it is obviously not primal...) I truly think that living a Primal lifestyle can help improve my emotions.

Also, I think it might be important to include my current living situation. I am living with my parents and two brothers(16, 21). They are all non Primal The only person who sort of "gets it" is my mom. She does try to avoid wheat(she understands that it causes inflammation) and she eats a lot of veggies. But she isn't on board with the meat and fat part. So pretty much, these types of online communities are my only support network when it comes to Primal living.

Well...I'm not sure if anyone will read my journal. But I think it is important to hold myself more accountable by posting this publicly. I really want to finally reach my goals. For 30 days I will be more strict with myself, and I'm sure that I will see progress!