Have have been living primal since January 2012. My weight was at 371 my type 2 Diabetes was in the 300 mg/dL and my blood pressure was well, lets not go there. I was on 4 meds for the blood pressure and one med for the Diabetes plus insulin. Over the last 7 months my weight is down to 300, I take no meds for blood pressure and only two pills a day for the Diabetes. My mg/dL is hovering around 130 in the morning. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall and 46 years old.

So what am I doing here seeking advice. Well the weight loss has stalled for the last three weeks. I have doubled checked my diet and found I might be a little low on calories. I am only taking in about 1600. Also i might have been over doing the exercise (Cardio a bit) I was doing 4 15 minute sessions a day on a stationary bike at a moderate level. I am also lifting moderate weights every other day.

Starting yesterday I have increased the amount of weights and am including more resistance work. I have dropped my Bike routine to 15 a day but increased the resistance. I am also walking nightly for 30 minutes (easy walk).

My daily numbers are 29 grams of fat, 51 grams of Carbs, 65 grams of Protein. On average per day.

So I think I am doing this right but, I must not be because of the stall. So any help would be wonderful.