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Thread: Ok what am I doing wrong

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    Ok what am I doing wrong

    Have have been living primal since January 2012. My weight was at 371 my type 2 Diabetes was in the 300 mg/dL and my blood pressure was well, lets not go there. I was on 4 meds for the blood pressure and one med for the Diabetes plus insulin. Over the last 7 months my weight is down to 300, I take no meds for blood pressure and only two pills a day for the Diabetes. My mg/dL is hovering around 130 in the morning. I am 6 foot 6 inches tall and 46 years old.

    So what am I doing here seeking advice. Well the weight loss has stalled for the last three weeks. I have doubled checked my diet and found I might be a little low on calories. I am only taking in about 1600. Also i might have been over doing the exercise (Cardio a bit) I was doing 4 15 minute sessions a day on a stationary bike at a moderate level. I am also lifting moderate weights every other day.

    Starting yesterday I have increased the amount of weights and am including more resistance work. I have dropped my Bike routine to 15 a day but increased the resistance. I am also walking nightly for 30 minutes (easy walk).

    My daily numbers are 29 grams of fat, 51 grams of Carbs, 65 grams of Protein. On average per day.

    So I think I am doing this right but, I must not be because of the stall. So any help would be wonderful.
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    Everyone hits a plateau now and then. That may be all it is.

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    First, I'd say you've done great so far. 70 pounds lost in 7 months is very good. With that said, I don't understand your macro numbers. 29/51/65 comes out to about 725 calories. That's way too low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    My daily numbers are 29 grams of fat, 51 grams of Carbs, 65 grams of Protein. On average per day.
    (29 x 9) + (51 x 4) + (65 x 4) = 725 calories per day for a 6'6" 300lb [male, I assume] = insanity

    Did you mean 129 g fat? That would make far more sense...1600 is still pretty low overall intake for a person your size, though. FWIW, I dropped my weight with similar macro ratios, but about 2600-2800 calories/day.

    A 3-week pause--not even a proper stall, really--is nothing to get worked up about, in any case. What if you're adding muscle? Don't overtrain, get plenty of sleep, eliminate stress wherever possible, and just keep plugging away...what with 10 lbs/mo and all the improvements in health, you've made marvelous strides already!
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    Ok todays numbers are Fat 46.1g, Carbs 23.5 and Protein 50.5g so 718 calories. So yeah i need to up my calories. Wow just was not seeing that.
    05/01/2012 - Present
    Starting Weight: 390 - Current Weight: 270 - Goal Weight: 240
    Height 6' 6''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Ok todays numbers are Fat 46.1g, Carbs 23.5 and Protein 50.5g so 718 calories. So yeah i need to up my calories. Wow just was not seeing that.
    To echo everyone's comments about eating more food, I'd say at least double the fat you ate today, go about 1.5x carbs and triple the protein. Enjoy your food.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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    Yeah, you must be starving! I'm half your size and I eat 700 calories for breakfast. I know you're trying to lose weight but I think you need to double what you ate today.

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    Jack Kruse
    I highly recommend this guys site. It goes very well with the Primal Blueprint eating style. I recommend reading all the blogs starting from the first one at the bottom but for a start check out Living An Optimized Life: The Dr. Jack Kruse Story - Jack Kruse

    My epiphany for your future - Jack Kruse
    Chapter one on leptin........ - Jack Kruse
    LEPTIN PART DEUX........LIVER. - Jack Kruse
    leptin resistance, Dr. Jack Kruse, weight loss, Why is Oprah still obese? - Jack Kruse
    THE LEPTIN RX...FAQ's - Jack Kruse
    The following is the first mention of cold thermogenesis.
    REWIRING THE LEPTIN RX RESET........... - Jack Kruse
    After this read all the CT posts.

    If you are really into reading you could of course just start at post 1 and read all the way through all 21 pages of blogs not skipping a post...which I think would be useful at some point...but not right away. Anyway the main point this is a really good blog with tons of potentially helpful information.

    These two are the latest.

    BRAIN GUT 6: EPI-PALEO Rx - Jack Kruse
    Age: 28
    Height: 6'1"
    Primal start date: July 1st 2011
    Start Weight: 275
    Current Weight: 248
    Stats below as of September 1st 2011 Tested via BodPod
    Body Fat 25.4%
    Fat Mass 63.721
    Fat Free Mass 74.6%
    Fat Free Mass 187.087
    Goal weight: 180-200 lbs(Recommended weight is around 180 for my height but that sounds low)
    Total lost so far: 27 lbs

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    Your blood sugar numbers are really high - especially for being on meds.

    I am also a T2. I found that I have dawn phenomenon - ONLY when I'm eating too many carbs and/or protein. Eating the wrong carbs for your body will keep your numbers up.

    I used to just check my morning numbers and think those were fine. The truth is that you need to check in the morning(fast), 1 hour after the start of your meal, 2 hours after your meal and 3 hours after your meal.

    Fasting should be under 86
    1h should be under 140
    2h should be under 125
    3h should be back to the morning fasting number(or lower if you have dawn phenomenon)

    If what you're eating is causing higher numbers than this, you need to stop eating that food - or at least eat a lot less of it.

    You don't have to keep checking your levels like this. Do it for a few days and you'll know where your at with the foods you usually eat. I did it for 3 days and was able to go back to checking just my morning levels. I dropped my number from 170 to 84 in just a few days. Without meds. I'm in the 70's usually now.

    I do only eat once a day, and get between 900 and 1350 cals a day. My ratio is usually around 10% carbs, 55% fats, 35% protein.


    If my lazy ass can do it, I have faith you can do it too.

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    When I stopped playing football I was 305lbs, when I found MDA I was still 295 (about 3 months after I stopped playing football). 2 months later I was 270lbs and 4 months after that I was 250lbs. What was I doing? eating more than you. I was eating ~2000 calories a day and playing sports twice a week. That's it. So eat some food so you body doesn't think it's being starved.
    I didn't like the rules you gave me, so I made some of my own.

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