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Thread: Convict Conditioning Kindle version?

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    Convict Conditioning Kindle version?

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    My husband and I have been reading up on both You Are Your Own Gym and Convict Conditioning. We decided to read both programs in order to make a more informed decision.

    Convict Conditioning is pricy, especially considering we may not end up using it. The Kindle version is about $18 cheaper, but I'm afraid we might miss a lot compared to the printed version.

    Has anyone bought the Kindle version of CC? Is it useful? Do you feel like you missed out on anything important?

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    I would assume it is the same book, just in kindle format. Text will be the same pictures might be a bit smaller but that should not be an issue.
    You might want to buy the epub version as down the line it is more versatile format and you can convert to mobi.
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    CC's greatest benefit is that it provides clear progressions for each of the six exercises. He starts from very beginner and works up to pretty advanced stuff. The author doesn't list many different exercises, just the steps to the master step of each of the big six. That concept of progression in bodyweight exercises is huge. I've spent years doing pushups for the Army, always trying to do more, and doing CC actually got me doing more difficult pushups (among other exercises). As a result, I got stronger than I had been in the previous 10+ years.

    Most other bodyweight exercise books (I'm not too familiar with YAYOG) provide lots of examples of different bodyweight exercises and routines, but don't explain the concept of progressively doing more difficult exercises, which is the only way to get stronger.

    *Edit* I have a soft copy of CC, and have gained a lot from it. Sometimes I wish I had the hardcopy, but we've already got too many books. I have an image I found online somewhere of CC, summed up in one image file, with all the exercises and pictures and standards all in one place. Once I read the book through, most of the time I only need to refer to that image for reference.
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    I have the kindle edition of CC and the soft copy of CC2. I wish CC2 was available on Kindle. You won't miss anything with the kindle edition.
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    I don't know about any particular versions, but I've found it helpful to also download Kindle for PC onto my laptop. A lot of diagrams and charts that are downright unreadable on my Kindle are clear as day when I view them on my computer. Obviously not optimal, but helpful for Kindle books you already own.

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