Hello all

I've recently been trying to experiment with some offal and thought I would post about my first tongue attempt. I have done heart before (used it in a stew) and then went right to liver. That was a major fail as it made me gag. So I decided to try tongue as it's a bit closer to regular cuts.

What I did:

1) Let tongue thaw and then rinse it off.
2) Put it in the slow cooker with a few bay leaves and salt. I was going to add peppercorns too but I didn't have any.
3) Then I filled the slow cooker with water so the tongue was completely covered.
4) I set it for 10 hours overnight. It ended up being in there a few hours extra on the "Warm" setting.
5) I took out the tongue in the morning and let it cool on a cookie sheet. Then I peeled off the skin layer and removed some of the weird squishy chunks that didn't look appetizing. Next I shredded it with two forks. I tasted a bit of the meat at this point and it was pretty plain, which was to be expected.
6) While this was going on, I was cooking 2 onions and some garlic in a large pan. After I was done shredding the meat, I threw it in with the onions and garlic, added a GENEROUS amount of a spice rub that I use for grilled meat, salt, and some worcestershire sauce. I let it cook on a very low heat like this for about an hour so the flavours would set.

I just ate a big plate of the shredded tongue and it was amazing! For anyone who hasn't tried it yet should. I'm no master chef so the easy prep was a bonus