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Thread: Playing with candies!

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    Playing with candies!

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    I have an upcoming get together that I have to provide desserts for. So I melted some pure cocoa, toasted coconut and various nuts, choppped some other nuts, made fresh almond butter balls, stuffed some dates then dipped some in my melted cocoa and rolled them in different crunchies. I think these will work and it gave me a bagillion ideas for Christmas candy tins for friends,,,,If anyone has other ideas I would love to hear about them. I have 2 weeks to get everything ready...

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    I made Mounds and Almond Joy candies yesterday and today did peppermint patties and brownies. (And, just a disclaimer, I made the candies for Hubby per his request and the brownies as a thank-you gift for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. She doesn't eat paleo/primal but does eat gluten-free.

    The recipes I used (my pics on my blog, link in my signature):
    Mounds/Almond Joy
    Peppermint Patties
    Paleo Brownies
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