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Thread: "Toughening" the Body

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciep View Post
    +1 to EvRevFit's thoughts.
    888erkan888... are you actually Ele? Or are you just really amused by his video? Didn't you already start a thread about that yesterday? To anyone who doesn't know and is confused about what the hell that is, Elephant Man is a Jamaican dancehall MC. He got hugely popular about 10 years ago, I don't know if he still is though. I was kind of a fan at first, but his style and lyrics got old/annoying really fast (especially the homophobic stuff, which is par for the course in Jamaica, but still). Anyway, I'm pretty sure that "workout" video of his is just a funny joke on his part, but with Ele, who knows...
    =) Im just really amused by those videos... I laughted so hard when I made that thread (and I hoped others would laugh too!!), asking if that would "make me ripped" or "if its primal"... but people believed me! I guess they have seen enough CW nonsense already...

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    Haha, I figured that was your intention. I was amused to see serious responses to it.

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    I practiced tang-soo-do for a while before switching to boxing, and our instructors never had us doing "toughening" techniques.
    Seems stupid to me.
    Like stated earlier, eventually you'll hurt yourself.
    Tai chi is great for joint mobility, and something that you can practice into old age that will benefit you.
    Traditional martial arts is fine if that's what you like to do, but don't get carried away with certain techniques just because an instructor thinks that you should. If it seems dangerous to you, then it probably is.
    Use common sense, and don't be afraid to think for yourself.
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciep View Post
    Haha, I figured that was your intention. I was amused to see serious responses to it.
    LOL, that makes me feel better about my reaction!

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