Mind you, I am not upset about these changes.......I'm just wondering how they are to be explained.

I was a carb addict with high blood sugar 20 pounds overweight, when I started primal eating six weeks ago. For the first four weeks, I felt awful with the low carb flu. I also was having horrible hypoglycemic crashes. I increased my fat intake and eliminated fruit from my diet, and the blood sugar crashes disappeared almost entirely.

After 10 days or so of stable blood sugar, I decided to try intermittent fasting, and I had no problem fasting through breakfast---something which, heretofore, would have been impossible for me. I wasn't losing weight, though, so I decided to try to cut back my calories a bit on the margins---two pieces of bacon instead of six, for example. I lost a couple of pounds.

Now all of a sudden, as of the last three days, my appetite has shrunk substantially. I can go hours between meals without getting hungry or hypoglycemic. When I do sit down to eat, I can only eat a fraction of the calories I was eating before. Then I feel full and want to stop eating.

I know that I am going to lose weight now. I can't NOT lose weight---I am consuming a fraction of the calories I was eating before.

I'm sure there is a scientific explanation for what is going on with me. Would anyone like to take a stab at what it is?

Johanna Anderson