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Thread: What is happening to me?

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    It's a wonderful thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohannaAnderson View Post
    Funny you should mention cramps---I've been having a lot of cramps in both calves for about a week! I started eating a banana a day (my only fruit) in hopes of alleviating them. Maybe I should just supplement with potassium and magnesium.

    I can't help looking in the mirror when I walk by----It's the first time in so long that I like how I look in a skirt!
    It's very common to cramp up when starting low carb, it happened to me too. Definitely up your Mag and Po with a supplement for a couple of weeks. It's a temporary thing having to do with fluid loss etc. and not a big deal.
    Bananas don't actually have that much potassium, by the way. Dark green veg has more. And as for the skirt - pics or your a liar!
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    avocado and miso soup are good for this too.
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    "What's happened to you" is that you've flipped the endocrine switch that lets you make use of your main fuel 'tank'--ie., your body fat. You'd been living from meal to meal running on a tiny reserve of blood sugar, all too soon depleted, while much of what you consumed got locked away as more fat. Now the floodgates are open. That's the nutshell summary, anyway.

    Take the difference between what you eat now and what you used to eat, visualize that amount in the form of lard or butter (or what have you), and then consider that you're getting about that much energy from your own fat stores each day...hey, no wonder you're not hungry! Enjoy the ride!
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    I didn't say I look really GOOD in a skirt--at least not yet. But for a 50 year old woman, it's not bad. I'm on my way. When I have lost about 15 more pounds, I will definitely post a picture!

    The insidious thing about the obesity epidemic here where I live is that my standard for what is normal and acceptable can easily start to shift. When I go out, nearly everyone I see is hugely overweight and has other symptoms of poor hygiene and self-care (it's Appalachia). By local standards, I am practically a supermodel already.

    Can't help growing older, but it will be fun to look damn good while I'm at it!

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    You are living on your body fat now, that's why you can eat so little. There is a reason why people like Chacotaco show pictures of enormous meals in the recipe section: they have no more body fat to live off of and basically stuff themselves with potatoes to keep going.
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    for Potassium eat avocados instead of bananas Fitness, Health & Well-Being | FitSugar

    what's happening to your body is that your brain is seeing the hormone, leptin, your fat cells are releasing. Insulin blocks the brain seeing this hormone.

    liptin and insulin work like this: The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 3): Hunger and Hormones- A Vicious Cycle - YouTube

    full series:
    The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 1): An Epidemic for Every Body - YouTube
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