I'm thoroughly sick of taking a bath in chlorine water with products that have unpronouncable names from a chemical factory, that although smell good, are really doing me and my skin no good at all.

I figure on trying to produce a bath recipie that would be natural and cleaning, but would also allow my skin to absorb essential minerals, a little like taking a dip in a hot spring or in the sea.

I need a little help with ideas and/or quantities:

So far, I've thought of adding vitamin C to try and neutralize the clorine.
Epsom salts for added magnesium (absorbable through skin).
Sea salt?
Bicarb soda for natural cleaning.
Liquid iodine to get an iodine fix.
Bentonite clay, to get all the trace elements.
Turmeric, good for skin.
An essential oil for scent if needed.

Can I mix all these elements safely in a bath?
How much would you add of the magnesium and iodine for it to be beneficial?
Are there any other minerals that can be applied transdermally?

I'm thinking that my bath could turn into a muddy sludge, with the addition of the clay, but what a fabulously relaxing, 'nutritious' treat it might be!