Okay, so, didn't really want to put this in a super dee duper
high traffic area, so here it is.

I, Julie W*******, am going to try a Bro-Science experiment.

Why? Because experiments are fun and I've never tried this particular
one before because it always sounded absolutely heinous and laughable to

I used to moderate on a bodybuilding site, and the other mods and I
used to just laaaaugh and laaaaaugh and laugh over the poor ass fools
that would implement this way of eating.

But, lots of freaks do it, so I'm going to try it because I'm bored and it's
a challenge.

Never mind eating and drinking everything in sight the last three months and
putting on ten pounds. Bygones!

So, what am I going to do? Yes, you guessed it - I am going to.......... wait......


WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!

"Eat Five to Six Small Meals a Day"

And it starts on Monday, July 30th (cuz I like Monday starts....makes me feel virtuous (barf!).

So! If anyone would like to join me in the Bro-Science experiment, PLEASE DO.

I'm starting my "journal" now, just so I have a place to come back to on Monday to hold
my candy ass accountable.

So there.


p.s. and oh, there WILL be a calorie deficit involved - I'm shooting for 1500 cals and
I don't give a flying fookarooski WHAT the molecular makeup is of each meal or it's
macronutrient ratio. I'll also be going back to lifting heavy 2 or 3 times a week and
beating my children the other four days for cardio. School (theirs, not mine, heavens
no!) starts August 27th and I hope at LEAST to be down 5lbs by then OR lose an inch
or more wherever it decides to come off.

So there, again....