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Thread: My Bro-Science Experiment - Primal/Paleo Style - RARRRRR!

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    My Bro-Science Experiment - Primal/Paleo Style - RARRRRR!

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    Okay, so, didn't really want to put this in a super dee duper
    high traffic area, so here it is.

    I, Julie W*******, am going to try a Bro-Science experiment.

    Why? Because experiments are fun and I've never tried this particular
    one before because it always sounded absolutely heinous and laughable to

    I used to moderate on a bodybuilding site, and the other mods and I
    used to just laaaaugh and laaaaaugh and laugh over the poor ass fools
    that would implement this way of eating.

    But, lots of freaks do it, so I'm going to try it because I'm bored and it's
    a challenge.

    Never mind eating and drinking everything in sight the last three months and
    putting on ten pounds. Bygones!

    So, what am I going to do? Yes, you guessed it - I am going to.......... wait......


    WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!

    "Eat Five to Six Small Meals a Day"

    And it starts on Monday, July 30th (cuz I like Monday starts....makes me feel virtuous (barf!).

    So! If anyone would like to join me in the Bro-Science experiment, PLEASE DO.

    I'm starting my "journal" now, just so I have a place to come back to on Monday to hold
    my candy ass accountable.

    So there.


    p.s. and oh, there WILL be a calorie deficit involved - I'm shooting for 1500 cals and
    I don't give a flying fookarooski WHAT the molecular makeup is of each meal or it's
    macronutrient ratio. I'll also be going back to lifting heavy 2 or 3 times a week and
    beating my children the other four days for cardio. School (theirs, not mine, heavens
    no!) starts August 27th and I hope at LEAST to be down 5lbs by then OR lose an inch
    or more wherever it decides to come off.

    So there, again....

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    First things first - Holy fuckballs.

    I am so damn stuffed it's NOT EVEN FUNNY.

    No, seriously - NOT FUNNY.

    Even getting the "vomit chills". Yuck.

    Anyway, moving on.....

    Starting stats for July 30th, 2012

    5'3.5 height

    Extensive Measurements: (in inches and the biggest circumference I could find).....

    Neck - 12
    Chest, under pits - 35.5
    Over Boobs - 37
    Under Boobs - 32.5
    Natural Waist (that I could find) 30.75
    Over Navel - 33.75
    At Hip Bones (abdomen) - 34.25
    My Big Fat Ass - 37.5
    Under Big Fat Ass - 37
    Right Thigh - 23
    Left Thigh - 22.75
    Right Calf - 13
    Left Calf - 13.5
    Right Bicep - 11.25
    Left Bicep - 11
    Right Forearm - 9.25
    Left Forearm 9.5

    Eats for the day:
    M1 - Coffee and coconut milk 65g - 151cals
    M2 - 50g chicken breast, 117g banana - 163cals
    M3 - 3 eggs, 90g sweet potato, 4g butter - 323 cals
    M4 - 100g chicken breast, 220g green grapes - 300 cals
    M5 - 100g chicken breast, 150g rice, 230g tomatoes from my garden - 355cals
    Total = 1294

    Macros -
    C - 135g
    P - 102g
    F - 40

    Workout: (supersets) all 3X8

    Lying Leg Press
    Stiff legged deadlift

    Lat pulldowns
    Arnold presses

    Flat bench press
    Step ups

    Seated Cable Row

    Treadmill - 30 min - 4mph

    Total time at the gym - 1hr

    Observations - Coming from NEVER eating breakfast in my ENTIRE LIFE, I'm going to have to
    really work on the calories in the morning if I'm going to hit 1500 by the end of the day. Trying
    to get 300 cals per meal. Sounds easy, but man, I am so stuffed right now it's ridiculous.

    But, I guess it's better than craving a bunch of stupid shit and then succumbing to it like I ALWAYS DO,
    so maybe this way of eating is the way to get around that.

    My husband is in the kitchen now making his famous air popped popcorn with 1500 cubes of butter
    and 3 forty gallon drums of salt, which I love and would eat whether I was hungry or not, but OMG, the
    smell is making me want to hurl, so I'm going to have to end this here and go outside.


    THIS full on 1300 calories? Fucking insane.
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    I seriously do not know how you are able to eat 5 to 6 times a day. I am lucky to manage two meals! Eating this way is really satisfying.

    Best wishes on this journey.
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

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    Yeah, it's rough, but they *are* super small meals, and if "they" are right that
    your stomach empties out after 3 hrs of digestion, then I guess it'd be ready for
    that next 300 cals.

    Who knows, who knows, I am truly skeptic, and..... therefore, THE BROSCIENCE EXPERIMENT! Hoorah!

    Thanks for the visit!


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    Day Two

    M1 - 7:30am- coffee with coconut milk, egg protein powder in water - 251cals
    M2 - 10:30am- 70g chicken breast, 64g non-gmo corn tortillas, 100g salsa - 275cals
    M3 - 1:30pm- 100g chicken breast. 100g sweet potato, 100g green grapes - 307 cals
    M4 - 4:00pm- 65g Eye of round, 170g blueberries - 202 cals
    M5 - 7:00pm- 650g watermelon, 220g strawberries - 265cals

    1301 Total Calories

    P - 100g
    C - 173g
    F - 27g

    Exercise - Jack Shit.

    I blame it on my Ten Year Old INFANT who has NEVER, NOT ONCE, slept through the G-D night.

    So I barely slept at all. Dragging ass all day and a total righteous bitch to boot.

    Good thing he's cute, or I'd sell 'im.

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    Day Three

    M1 - 8:30am- coffee and coconut milk - 169cals
    M2 - 9:30am- Lara Bar - 230 cals
    M3 - 12:00pm- 100g chicken breast, 75g rice, 75g sweet potato - 298cals
    M4 - 2:00pm- 3 eggs, 111g pear - 278cals
    M5 - 5:45pm- 150g chicken breast, 80g rice, 80g sweet potato, 800g watermelon - 622 cals

    Total Cals - 1600

    C - 186g
    P - 110g
    F - 50g

    Exercise - supersets, all 3X8
    lying leg press
    static lunges

    lat pulldown
    arnold presses

    flat bench press
    step ups


    Treadmill - 30min - 3.7mph

    Observations -

    Finally fit in those 400 extra calories from the two previous days
    of not getting up to 1500 cals.

    Yeah, I trained today, and yeah I did supersets, and yes I sweat
    like a freaking pig, but it was the hour of SWIMMING, playing "sea monster"
    with my kids in the POOL that made me ravenous come 5:45pm. Holy SHIT.

    I was like, "oh mi gawd, I have got to eat and I've got to eat NOW!"

    Totally stupid.

    It's so funny how swimming (even just fucking around) makes you so dang hungry,
    yet they say swimming is the shittiest for "fat burning".

    Whatever. 'Twas hongry, so I ate a crapload.


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    Day Four

    M1 - 8:30am - coffee with coconut milk - 150cals
    M2 - 9:30am - 262g bananas - 233cals
    M3 - 12:30pm - 150g chicken breast, 100g rice - 333 cals
    M4 - 3:30pm - 300g tomatoes, 15g mayonnaise - 143 cals
    M5 - 6:45pm - 200g eye of round, 500g watermelon, 550g strawberries - 635cals

    Total Calories - 1496

    P: 107g
    C: 191g
    F: 40g

    Exercise - swept and mopped floors for two hours, 2 loads of laundry, 2 hours of pollywogging
    with eldest at the ponds.

    Feeling overly full even now at 9:45pm.

    Must even out the calories better so I don't feel like this at bed time. Blah.

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    Damn Julie! You so tiny. *giggles*

    Crazy question: why iz you doin' low fat?
    A Post-Primal PrimalPat

    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.

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    Hey there hot stuff!

    Tiny my ass..... There's a reason Mama can only fit into ONE pair of pants
    these days... ack.

    Anyway, totally not even TRYING to do low fat.

    Not afraid of fat, love fat, it just comes out at the end of the day as low

    I need to get back into vegetable land, then you'll start seeing more fat... everything
    I've been eating just doesn't need it. Especially the fruit, HAR! Mmm, butter on watermelon,
    delicious >YAK<.

    In other news, my experiment was partially derailed, starting Friday. Did well until we went
    to the fair with the kids. Didn't eat my weight in Carni Crap, but I ate *some*. So calories
    were kept to about 1500, but me thinks a corn dog and a few bites of cotton candy ain't
    primal. Sue me.

    Saturday and today were all shot to hell in a handbag because my sister and I left for my
    mom's house yesterday morning for her 70th birthday.

    So not only could I not say "yo bitches, I gotta eat every 2.5/3hrs" but I couldn't put any
    restraints on WHAT I ate either because they're already "this close" to committing me for
    putting them through 43 years of "eating this way and that way". So I just kept my trap
    shut and ate whatever and whenever they wanted.

    Which, resulted in a shit ton of food, but not too much... prolly 'round 1600 per day.

    So for the week, total calories were 10,391 divided by 7 = 1484, which is still a tad under
    the 1500kcal a day I wanted.

    But we'll see tomorrow when I weigh in.

    I feel like a big fat bloated cow.

    Not anywhere NEAR the super cute JERSEY COWS that were at the fair. OMG those are the
    cutest cows on the planet. There were six of them and three were baaaaaabies. So cute.

    Anyway, back on with the plan tomorrow.

    On the upside, I quit drinking, cold turkey, 14 days ago (but who's counting...), so
    even if I didn't lose one measly pound, at least my LIVER is jumping up and down cheering with
    pom poms.

    So there's that.

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    Welp, my broscience experiment is going to have to come to an end, for now.

    The company my husband works for was bought (okay, sold to) Oracle, so basically
    just the thought of us going through another stint of joblessness (if it comes to that,
    who knows if Oracle will keep all the employees, I'm thinking NOT) makes me want to
    vomit, but since learning this ever so lovely information, I haven't been hungry at

    So I'm going to roll with that and just go back to eating when I'm hungry.

    No sense in eating if I'm just going to barf it up.

    Waste of money, right? Right.

    Oh well, carry on people!

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