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Thread: Easy Chicken Chili

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    Easy Chicken Chili

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    This is my favorite recipe for work. Many of you probably wouldn't like the beans, but this is mighty tasty and easy.

    1. Pk of boneless thighs.
    2. 1 can of Italian Diced Tomatoes
    3. 1/3 can of Chili with Beans (Hormel)
    4. 4 strips of cooked bacon
    5. garlic and herb spice.

    In a pan, add the tomatoes first, then add the thighs and generously shake of garlic and herb spice. Add the bacon and chili. Cover and slow cook on low for an hour.

    These are my staple ingredients, but you can add vegetables to your liking. Regardless, this is mighty tasty.

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    Not to be picky or even know if you care, but the Hormel chili isn't Primal -
    Ingredients: Water, Beef, Bean(s), Tomato(es), Corn Flour, Salt, Flavor(s), Pepper(s) Chili Powder, Sugar, Food Starch Modified, Pepper(s) Chilies Green, Onion(s), Pepper(s) Jalapeno(s)

    Just saying...

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    Not to be mean, but it's not even close to primal. Have you read Primal Blueprint?

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