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Thread: crave for more food i've been very low carb

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    Quote Originally Posted by RitaRose View Post
    I know you want others to be more understanding, which is fine, but you need to also be a little understanding that people don't know you and don't have any clue that you have a disability that might make typing difficult. If that's the case, you should probably lead with that. Something like "sorry for the difficult post, typing is difficult for me". Otherwise people will assume you can't be bothered to type corectly, and therefore probably couldn't be bothered to do any research or read the book. We get a lot of that here, so that's going to be the presumption unless we're told otherwise.

    To your point:
    From what I've seen posted lately and from my own personal experience, very low carb (which is what 10g is) seems to work best for those that have a lot of weight to lose. If you're close to your goal weight, then not so much. For me, going very low carb makes my thinking fuzzy, my moods really awful and my cravings uncontrollable.

    There's a point where you are trading losing weight for losing brain function. That's where I draw the line and figure 4 pounds is not going to change my life all that much. Fuzzy thinking, irritability and cravings are kind of a big deal. Up your good carbs a bit and eat the chicken.
    ty i think reason for craving is low calories. i'm use to doing that but then i recently had like unlimited amount calories and felt great but no weight gain or loss was great.. just now i'm scared to try eating more and such
    since coming off carbs.. i just got system clearing out easily and back to normal. so not sure if i go eat more that if it would expand my gut, even tho before i was able eat alot on low carb

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    Read this:

    Here's a quote from that in case you don't want to read the whole thing. Her blog can get a little crazy sometimes.
    There is a very real difference between:

    2000 calories of a beef roast with a bunch of broccoli in the fat and grease and butter, full of rewarding yummtasticness, vs
    2000 calories of potatoes fried in corn oil (chips), or
    2000 calories of corn syrup and white flour and powdered cocoa and soybean oil (brownies), or
    2000 calories of low fat sunchips, or
    2000 calories of ricecakes, or
    2000 calories of organic pineapple and mango juice.

    BIG BIG difference.

    If you eat the beef roast, you are meeting every single nutritional need for the most part. Minerals, vitamins, protein, fatty acids, caloric energy (glucose/fat). This is the only item on the above list where a person can eat it, eat NOTHING else, and have a totally functional thriving healthy biological machine; in fact, odds are, if you ate an entire beef roast + broccoli to catch drippings, your health would increase relative to the inferior quality foods you would otherwise eat (e.g. peasant food such as starches like potatoes and rice and fruits which are far less nutritious, or god forbid, junk food crap like ramen and bread and chips and cakes).
    So go ahead and eat the whole chicken.
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