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Thread: Can't start!

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    Ditto, what exactly are you afraid of?

    I'm a huge food lover, so I was really afraid of giving up foods I love, like ooey gooey bread, pizza, some desserts. So if this is a fear for you just don't go in with the mentality that you're giving anything up forever. That helped me tremendously. I still have pizza from time to time (rarely) and some other non-primal foods (mostly home-made desserts made by my family when I see them). As time has passed I really don't like processed bread and desserts any more. I really find it hard to believe, but over time it happens.

    Focus on favourite primal foods you CAN eat, and think of it as taking a "break" from non-primal foods you do love. After some time you might find you want to prolong the "break".
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    It tastes like extra sweet pork. Cleaned and slow roasted whole like a chicken in the slow cooker with onions and garlic and mustard and ginger. nummies.

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    Pick one thing, or even one meal. Say breakfast. Make it Primal every day. I usually have two jumbo egg whites and two jumbo whole eggs and maybe a scoop or two of guacamole and that's enough to fill me until lunch.

    Once you get into that habit, do the same for lunch. Find a few meals that you like (my personal go-to is a grilled chicken salad with fresh cherry tomatoes) and go Primal for lunch.

    I guarantee you that the way you feel will make it easier to make the final move, which I'm in the process of doing right now.

    If you fall off the wagon, don't worry about it. Just hop back on for the next meal.

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    Failure. I'm afraid to fail.

    Today is the 30th and I am now living primal. It was akind of s*** or get off the pot.

    Thanks for all your input.

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