All --
This post has two points. First to see if others have had similar experiences in their first week of going primal as I have had.
  • Lost 5 lbs
  • Having trouble going to sleep at night (big change)
  • Not sleeping solidly through the night (big change)
  • Waking twice in the middle of the night with a piercing headache -- location, top of skull -- for an hour or so (cannot remember ever waking to a headache before that didn't involve a hangover or a pressure change with storms on the way)
  • Having trouble waking up in the morning (no change)
  • Feeling full longer, eating perhaps one meal or two meals a day (as a veg, I was eating brekkie/lunch/dinner plus two or three snacks and was still starved in between meals)
  • Lack of concern over when my next meal will be (see my comments about being a veghead before)
  • Overwhelming urge to read all blogs primal/paleo
  • Spending a ton on meat types I've never used before
  • Feel like it's easier to breathe in my lungs than usual -- for comparison, the improvement is prolly on a par with when I quit smoking a pack a day 12 years ago
  • Despite ease of lung breathing, there is a lot of congestion in the nose/throat/head (continued, nothing new -- was hoping eliminating grains and dairy and sugar would eliminate it but not so or not yet)
  • Some aches and pains to be associated with and expected from starting a fitness program (2 days of LHT and 1 day of sprints in this first week) plus the bruises on my arm after I tried to break into the car through the driver window because I lost my car key during the sprint session
  • Weird breath
  • And what, precisely, is this carb-flu or whatever it is that everyon talks about going through when they go primal/paleo?

For the record, I think I'm pretty good on fat/protein/carb. No dairy (not even butter this week). No cheating. And yes, I do have more weight to lose, so I'm working to stay in the 50-100 carb/day zone.

The second point is to ask this:
What do you wish you had known your first week or month of going primal/paleo that would have helped you?
Thanks in advance!