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Thread: First week - effects of going primal

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    Ah -- piercing headaches, explained. Thanks Gilleh. I've been fortunate that no more headaches have interrupted my sleep -- or my waking hours. In fact, my sleeping is back to normal -- easy to get to sleep, and sleeping all night.
    No, I certainly didn't think 7 days will fix me up, but I've been pleased to note a lot of positive changes in ONLY 7 days (well, 12 now). I was just curious if my experiences are like anyone else's.
    You know what I really am happy about?? That I finally feel like I'm in control of my body, rather than the other way around. Before, I felt like hunger was always keeping my mind focused on food -- what will I eat? when will I get to eat it? is it veg? how long til dinner? or a snack? (OH, yes, I am a recovering vegetarian, 4 years of it.) Now, I eat when I'm hungry as long as I'm enjoying it and stop when I start not to enjoy it or feel the slightest bit satisfied, and I'm not hungry that frequently any more. Or overly full like I used to get. It's ca-razy, but it's so very liberating!

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    "Recovering vegetarian" - I like that term.
    Yes, it is very liberating finally knows what triggers your body, energy, hunger and even emotions.
    This way of eating really connects you with real, whole food. Just don't get stressed about it (fruits are OK, potatoes too!)
    Glad to hear about your sleep and headaches. Keep up the good work..
    The more you "work as intended" - get enough sun, nourishment and sweat your ass off - the better you feel in time

    I feel like a lion.
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?

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