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Thread: Fage 0% greek yogurt question. Also a question about stevia.

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    Yes, the Fage full-fat version is called FAGE Total Greek Yogurt (google it!). It is so delicious. They carry it at my local Whole Foods, but that's the only place I've found it. People have suggested asking your grocery's customer service to add it to their stock, and if enough people ask, they will. I've never tried this, though.
    All versions of Fage are called Fage Total. FAGE Total Greek Yogurt | 0%

    Sadly the "full fat" version is a pale imitation of the original. They reduced the fat content a while back. I no longer buy it.
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    Fage makes Total, Total 2%, and Total 0%. Total is the fullest fat version.
    Fage website

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    I came to primal after is common practice to just add cream to the fage...tastes great and I dont make myself crazy reading the labels lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betorq View Post
    Oh yeah, I've had the full fat go "off" a couple of times. No rhyme or reason why one batch went off then the next didn't. My fat kinda curdled & got all wrinkly on top, but wasn't weird or fizzy tasting, just weird looking. The yogurt itself didn't thicken evenly & was fizzy. I ate it & lived to tell the tale... Next batch was fine, normal. I've used kefir granules too to make my own home brew of fermented dairy. It's healthier with hardier bacteria, but I just like the taste & experience of yogurt. Plus making yogurt is faster.

    Btw, I found some Bulgarian lacto-bacili fermented sheep cheese @ my local Korean grocer. I was on a bike ride & its hella hot here today, so I'll go back some day soon & get some. They had all sorts of goat/sheep & cow fermented stuff from Bulgaria, they really know their stuff, the Bulgarians that is....
    I've never had an issue with a fatty batch going off...
    I use a half gallon of raw whole Jersey/Guernsey milk, and many times swap a pint of the milk for a pint of raw cream to bump it up.
    Maybe its a matter of the raw and the fact that I never really take the milk above 110 to start, then hold it at close to 100, never above. I thing that if it cools a bit it's not a big deal... just bring it back to 100 slowly and the bugs get back to work.
    Even a short over heat will crud a batch IME, whereas a longer lower temp culture produces a better taste.

    The lady I worked for as a kid had nubian goats, and we made tons of yogurt... and she drained the whey to make it either greek consistency or to a firmer soft cheese stage.
    You can imagine my horrified reaction the first time I ever tasted store bought yogurt.
    I thought there was something seriously wrong with it.
    I don't remember the type, but it was a little individual thing... likely some sort of "lite" thing as it was from a friends refrigerator in the 90's.
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    i often add a splash of coconut milk to yogurt. good stuff.

    my trader joe's do not carry the full-fat fage, but they have a decent relativey high-fat, low-carb goat milk yogurt that i like. my local grocer has been carrying the fage, but i still buy 3-4 tubs at a time because it's not always, always in-stock.

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