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Thread: IF & Protein Minimums

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    Clint, I think you might have posted the links before (if it wasn't you it was someone else). I checked them out and couldn't find anything about his diet. There was discussion about his workout regimen and training routine but not a lot of info on the diet portion (which is THE critical factor). If you have a link to what he actually ate during the clean bulk I would be very interested. Thanks

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    Erm, paint me naiive, maybe, but I kinda thought the whole point of IF was to macro manage calorie intake over the course of a week rather than micro manage it from day to day?

    Wouldn't it be sufficient to eat more protein just before the fast and just after?

    Seriously, now you've got me wondering.

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    Brahnamin - You're right. Nutrition and body reactions are best viewed over a significant length of time, like weeks or months. Not day-to-day. If you are not reaching your protein requirements only 1 or even 2 days a week, but you are on the other days, your body will be just fine. That's why IF works and doesn't put your body into starvation mode b/c an extreme calorie deficit won't trigger the negative reactions unless it is sustained over a longer period of time.

    You're, more than likely, just fine eating your normal diet on non-IF days and not have to worry about making up for your IF days. Everyone is different, however, and I can't say this holds true for everyone. You have to monitor your results and see. Even if your body started to catabolize muscle, you'd find that it would be fairly simple to put the lost muscle back on once you adjusted the appropriate factors.

    Conan - I'll get you some links to more info regarding Ross's protocol and nutrition.

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    I have to agree with Conan, Jewelz. 800 calories is crazy low. I'm 5'1" and about 125 lbs. I'm active but nothing extreme and i lose a lot of weight if i eat DOUBLE that. I'm pretty sure you could up your calories by a lot and have more energy for exercising and still not gain any fat.

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    I think another thing to note here is to carefully apply your protein intake in regards to how you feel.

    I have been participating in the 'Survival Week' this week and yesterday I had a decent-sized workout, but my protein was pretty low. I was, of course, pretty hungry and instead of IF for breakfast, like I planned, I grazed on nuts.

    All-in-all, looking back, I ignored my body's signal (hunger) for the overall lack in protein needed for the day (especially since I've been targeting and hitting 'Ketosis' carb levels all week).

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    I really appreciate your advice, Conan and Karin. I dont want to hijack JMG's post. I plan on starting a primal journal so i can get more on track w/ all your useful critiques! Thanks

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