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Thread: An Empire Should Have Its Darth...

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    An Empire Should Have Its Darth...

    I just discovered this morning that Darth Friendly has been banned. I discovered this by attempting to PM him, and also to search for posts using his forum name. I have no clue whatsoever what precipitated this, but I think this forum will be poorer without him. I am not witty or clever or anything of the sort, but even I could tell that it was mostly a stand-up routine, a "character" of his on the MDA, if you will. The dude had a serious side, and you will find that here on the MDA as well.

    Perhaps this thread will end up with ME getting deleted - I can't tell the future. One of the things that made me want to join the MDA was the fact that people here can be real people, with all their foibles and humor and petty troubles and whatnot - and other members can always be counted on to call them out on BS posts and comments without resorting to kicking members of the tribe out into the proverbial wilderness. It is this "realness" that makes me trust some of you enough to take your advice into my own reality here in the hills of Appalachia and put it into practice.

    So, members of the MDA, I guess this thread is now open for business...
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