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Thread: An Empire Should Have Its Darth...

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    I agree that removing threads/posts dosn't help, sure lock it and add info to why it's been locked, include that it might be offensive in the title when making changes, then people know what's gone on and why. Justice needs to bee seen to be done otherwise it's just dictatorship.

    I do think what this forum needs is a 'shooting the shit' board, Primal odds and ends tends to get used for that, but I suppose it's not what it's really for. Most other forums that I have used have a general/off topic board, I think it's important for regualar members of the community to have somewhere to talk off topic, take the piss, share jokes etc. This is the place where forum friends can form and it's what keeps regualar member coming back, then not only do they 'chat' with other regular members, they are also arround to dispence useful advice and support to newbies. For example when I was a regular poster on a cycling forum, most of the posts where in the 'soap-box' page, but the people who posted in there also posted a lot in the maintance section helping newbies out loads, but they wouldn't have been there to tell people which tyres work best on muddy trails, or how to change a pedal if they wern't hanging arround taking the piss out of each other for having a shit bike or whatever.
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    This and the one before.

    Still banned? This sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambchop View Post
    I want Darth back too. Have only been member a short period, but lurking for years, and everyone gets his humor.

    Agree the place has changed in those years, too. And why.
    Not everyone. A lot of newbies don't seem to know that he should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    I hit the Triangle of Death on spammers, but even the most annoying of the real live posters don't get a report from me. I've tried hitting Ignore on them, but then it kind of highlights all of their posts but won't actually show them. Curiosity gets the better of me, I start wondering what crap that jerk wrote this time, so I end up looking at the post anyway. Waste of time, so I just go with the "big girl panties" approach.

    Which reminds me. I went on a forum that I used to frequent that had overbearing mod issues. Friends of the mods could make some really awful statements about groups of people they didn't like because of their imperfections (read: "humanity") but people in those groups were not allowed to defend themselves, so I bailed. I went back a few days ago and wrote a reply to something. Got a notice saying my post was being held until a moderator could approve it. My crime? I used the word "crap". Seriously. Please don't ever let this forum get that bad.

    I miss Darth. I know he freaked out some of the newbies, but he was funny as hell and I think he contributed a lot to the feel of this forum. I hope he can come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynna View Post
    Not everyone. A lot of newbies don't seem to know that he should be taken with a grain of salt.
    I don't know what is considered newbie, but I joined in March and fairly quickly I liked Darth (and others like him). I don't see how one can get through life without humour. This world sucks in a bad way sometimes and humour makes it a tad easier. It is a way of telling that makes the truth easier to hear and contemplate.

    Do any of you know Zizek? In The Christian Hegelian Comedy he writes "the comic effect proper occurs when, after the act of unveiling, one confronts the ridicule and nullity of the unveiled content—in contrast to encountering behind the veil the terrifying Thing too traumatic for our gaze. Which is why the ultimate comical effect occurs when, after removing the mask, we confront exactly the same face as that of the mask."
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    If he has been banned then the MDA forum has officially jumped the shark.

    Funny that the spammers have no trouble at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    ...Ron Paul...followers should be banned!
    I hope that was a joke because anyone who is a "follower" or believes as Ron Paul does (liberty, Constitutional rights, limited/small gov't, etc.) and has libertarian values would value a person's right to freedom of speech.

    I don't even know Darth on these boards but even the most offensive stuff I've come across on here doesn't get a ban e-mail from me.

    The only thing I "Report Post" on is spammers/bots.

    I'm sending the e-mail in petition for Darth's return.

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    I wish I cared enough to post something.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpycakes View Post
    I wish I cared enough to post something.
    You just did.... snap
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    ohhhh SNAP
    yeah you are

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