Hi all,

Just curious about something. I have been very very stressed the past few days, and I'm wondering if my stalled weight loss and cravings are a result of that. Everything I'm reading says yes, but I want to make sure and you guys are smart about this stuff.

All of last week I wasn't hungry so I figured why stuff food in my face when my body wasn't asking for it so I started to IF. I'd eat lunch every day (chicken with a vegetable-mostly kale) and that would be it. I wasn't hungry when I woke up and I was slightly hungry prior to lunch, like an hour before and that's about it.

I started having issues at work and then all of a sudden I started feeling hungry again. I woke up ravenous Monday morning, by lunch time I was salivating, and I also started craving again. Just today I wanted Taco Bell. I NEVER eat Taco Bell, even when I wasn't paleo. I'd only have it when I was in serious "about to kill innocent by-standers PMS psycho mode", and that's once every 3 months. So I figured, it has to be me wanting a carb of some sort, so I came home and ate half a steak, 1/2 cup onions (I love onions), 1/2 cup sweet potato and green beans. I feel better after that.

So I'm curious of 2 things:
1. Did the stress cause this? The only thing that changed was my job issues, which were major, and I had no problems with IF that whole time, unless a full week of doing that was too much and...

2. Did me eating some sweet potatos (and yams the previous night) ruin anything? I'm scared that if I add any carbs at all it'll ruin what I did. I had potatos before on a whim (baked) but nothing came of it, so I'm kind of scared that I messed up and have to start all over and go through that dreaded carb flu all over again.