I just spent a week with some friends. I had no idea that any of them were on any kind of Primal diet but it turned out that three out of five of us in our group were. My diet was the most restrictive. The others simply ate no sugar or flour (wheat, rice or corn or any kind of flour). My friend's wife, who wasn't with us, also ate no sugar and flour. She had lost 130lbs, stopped snoring (before the weight loss), and cured her depression. My friend lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure is normal for the first time in ages. He cured a binge-eating problem he had. Both experienced personality/mood changes. The same personality/mood changes I've experienced. Feeling happy, calm, unflappable, with a sunny disposition.

We've all had the same experiences of restoring our health, losing weight, feeling better emotionally and physically. But all any of them have done is quit sugar and flour. Could that be all it takes?