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    Maybe it's just flour and sugar?

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    I just spent a week with some friends. I had no idea that any of them were on any kind of Primal diet but it turned out that three out of five of us in our group were. My diet was the most restrictive. The others simply ate no sugar or flour (wheat, rice or corn or any kind of flour). My friend's wife, who wasn't with us, also ate no sugar and flour. She had lost 130lbs, stopped snoring (before the weight loss), and cured her depression. My friend lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure is normal for the first time in ages. He cured a binge-eating problem he had. Both experienced personality/mood changes. The same personality/mood changes I've experienced. Feeling happy, calm, unflappable, with a sunny disposition.

    We've all had the same experiences of restoring our health, losing weight, feeling better emotionally and physically. But all any of them have done is quit sugar and flour. Could that be all it takes?
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    By "just" eliminating sugar and flour they also eliminated tons of processed food that would also contains toxins like seed oils. I'm confused by your take though...I mean, I feel like I pretty much only avoid sugar/flour (and bad oils) so what else are you talking about? Grassfed meat? Starting every sentence with "what would Grok do?" ;-)

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    Hi there and well done on your weight loss! I think cutting out sugar and flour is perhaps the most massive part of it to be honest! Followed closely by chemicals and additives to food. I am no longer surprised when I come across people who do not eat sugar and grains, it is becoming the health conscious thing to do and more and more people are waking up every day.

    McChunky, there is more to primal I believe, barefoot, the fitness routine, lighting in your home, getting your body back in the natural circadian rhythm, posture, getting sunshine etc You can also go 100% organic which makes a big difference
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    I just do the "avoid wheat, HFCS/artificial sugar, and vegetable oils". Most anything else is fair game

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    Dropping a stuff like gluten and sugar can have more immediate effects, but I like to think of longer term benefits. I cut dairy, gluten, soy, and heavily precessed foods way before primal and it helped me. I kept looking for something more because who knows what ailments I could have as I age? Might as well cut some risks at the very least. Think of the future.

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    Ethereal is quite correct. A lot of people seem to be fixated by the diet aspect of PB but it is just one part of the whole. Exercise and lifestyle adjustments (stress management) are equally important pieces of the puzzle.

    But to answer the OP: from a perspective of purely losing body fat - yes I believe it is all you need to do. Pre-primal, I managed to lose about 40 lbs in 3 months by eliminating all sugar and flour (bread/pasta) from my diet.

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    When you get rid of white flour and sugar you also get rid of thousands of other processed foods which are responsible for making most people fat like cakes, pastries, donuts, pies, etc. Some people require a bigger diet intervention than others. I had my dad lose weight and get a lot healthier simply by dropping soda completely and cutting down on ice cream bars to a few times a week instead of every day. Different people require different levels of diet changes.

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    I do think there is also something to be said for dropping the soy and oils. In terms of weight- yeah, sugar and flour. But in terms of feeling like ass, for some reason those oils do it.

    But yeah, I doubt there would be many obese americans if flour and sugar were banned.

    It's funny- I saw a commercial for morningstar burgers- nice cardboard patty on a big bun. Talking about how healthy it was. Probably for the same caloric count you could have a juicy real burger, not on a bun, and you would not need 2 tablespoons of mayo and ketchup to make it edible.

    If meat were banned, we'd probably have MORE obese americans.

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    I love that your friends were primal-ish and you didnt know it I have lean friends, who have stayed lean all these years, even after delivering a couple of kids. We go out to eat and I watch them put away whatever they want to eat and beer. And I wonder how they do it. Then I realized that is a special occasion (20%) I realized that the rest of the time, they continued to eat the way we were all raised, which was little to no drive thru. It was cooking every night. It was beef out of the pasture or deer out of the back 40 or fish we caught out of the pond. It was all the veggies you can stand to eat out of your garden. They just didnt get sidetracked like I did. So they are basically primal and THEY dont even know it
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    I saw that Morningstar "just like a real burger" ad, too, and all I could think was how ironic it is that a product that probably has 30 or 40 ingredients listed on the package is being touted as "healthier" than an burger made of, you know...meat.

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