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Thread: Maybe it's just flour and sugar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Out on the trail he was making yogurt in a plastic container in his sleeping bag at night
    How fantastic!

    Quote Originally Posted by Inksplat View Post
    I think it comes down to the same situation as people who can eat as much flour and sugar as they want and still be lean and healthy. It really depends on the person--some people just have the natural tolerance for it.
    Some of that though might just be outer appearances, and up to a certain age/number of years eating that way. It just might not have caught up with them yet. Just a thought.
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    The man and his wife and the other lady backpacking with me are all in their 60s. The man had metabolic syndrome before the diet change. His wife had lost a whole me worth of weight. These were not people tolerant of anything and they got well just ditching flour and sugar.
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    Depending on how much they were using, just flour and sugar may have been what was screwing them up.

    If you think of the "little" things that mess us up:

    Breakfast is important
    Eat three squares per day
    Eat 5-6 small meals per day
    Don't eat red meat
    Don't eat meat
    "Natural" flavors
    Don't use artificial sweeteners
    Don't or Do *fill in the blank*

    Sometimes just ignoring one piece of CW or deleting one behavior pattern can change your life.

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