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    How about the opening to Roxanne? The voices are not like the real movie, but w/e.

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    Glad to see the Big Lebowski making an appearance on this thread. I think that movie is in a class of it's own. I don't even include it in my top 5. I usually end up pissing off the people watching with me because I can say all the lines. If I had to pick 5 besides that one they'd be (in no particular order).

    Cabin in the Woods- Not scary at all but highly recommended
    12 Angry Men- this needs no explanation
    Braveheart- epic in every way
    The Fox and the Hound- this was formerly the only movie to make me cry, until I saw...

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    The Shining (Kubrick's version, naturally)
    Session 9
    Eyes Wide Shut
    Road to Perdition

    Honorable mention: The Pledge, Apocalypse Now, Amadeus, The Village, Eve's Bayou, The Fall, Black Swan, A Clockwork Orange, The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, Arlington Road, Phoebe in Wonderland, The Skeleton Key, Unbreakable, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Secret Window, What Dreams May Come, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Pet Sematary
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    For a Few Dollars More
    LOTR (the mega-long special box set)
    Princess Bride
    The Haunting (1963 version)
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    +lots for Jaws, The Shining, and The Matrix

    All amazing films.
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    @ Nowhereman -- if you like Twelve Angry Men, get a hold of "12" -- it's a Russian re-make of Twelve Angry Men (in Russian, with subtitles) and it's riveting. After the first two minutes I didn't even register that I was reading the words instead of understanding Russian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tercio View Post
    My favorites all are pretty old too. Also in no particular order:

    The Wild Bunch - Pecikinpah was a genius.
    The Thing - Carpenter's, best ending ever.
    Casino - Slightly more than Goodfellows.
    Blade Runner - Prometheus made me cry for Ridley.
    Chinatown - Noir, Polanski and I love LA.


    Edited to add Sharon Stone kicking Arnolds ass is going to be tough to top but I'm also looking forward to the remake.
    I really like your movie choices. Chinatown is brilliant.
    Have you seen Death and the Maiden? Another amazing and thought provoking Polanski film.

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    Once Upon a Time in the West
    The Last Winter
    The Ninth Gate
    The Abominable Snowman

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    The Maltese Falcon
    The Thomas Crown Affair (remake, although the original was great as well)
    The usual Suspects
    Blade runner
    The Matrix

    Just 5 was hard.

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