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Thread: Primal Journal (Primal-JoJo)

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    Primal Journal (Primal-JoJo)

    Okay so now that my summer challenge is done and I'm back home I've decided just to start a regular primal journal. For those of you that read my other journal, hopefully this one will be less emo lol since now I'm back to business as usual. Should be more cheery AND there should be more PICTURES! Hells yeah! Now that I'm back in my own kitchen you bet there's gonna be some hardcore food porn

    I've also started the Whole30. I am currently on Day 3 and doing great! I've been primal for almost a year now, but have been pretty lax with dairy and sugar (well mostly honey, gotten rid of most of the processed stuff, other than the occasional indulgence outside of my home). The main reason I'm doing the Whole30 is to sort of press that 'RESET' button, and then try to figure out which foods and combination of foods make me feel best... and worst. I'm also giving up caffeine as part of my Whole30 as I find that it can mess with me. Over the last year I've realized that for me the COMBINATION of grains, dairy, sugar and caffeine create a major (and literal) shit storm. But I find in isolation these things don't always bother me. So my goal is to figure out which combinations I can do so that I can make better choices when outside of my home (since I'm almost 100% primal at home).

    I posted pretty regularly on my last journal - I'll probably be posting a little less here since at home it's not really a challenge to stay primal. I'll probably post more when problems arise - lol so much for this not being an emo journal haha. But seriously, I promise to post yummy pics! Here's one below - i call it Salmon a la Ratatooey! I've also started a blog where I'll be posting recipes. You can find this recipe there. (in my signature)

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